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The green smell That follows Showers After Weeks without; Fresh foliage, Fresher still. First sweet peas And something Indeterminate Carried on the breeze; Tomato plants Warming in The greenhouse; Rich fruitiness, Close encounter With an early rose; Confused aroma of … Continue reading

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Sap is Rising

Each day Brings new signs Of spring. Spikes of bulbs, Young foliage, New buds And early blooms Gladden the heart As evidence mounts. Lengthening days And Jack’s absence Are boosting growth And causing Sap to rise. Sap rises also In … Continue reading

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Seasonal Haiku

Seasonal greetings At the fag-end of the year Hopes of peace prevail Seasonal greetings at the fag-end of the year At the fag-end of the year hopes of peace prevail With very best wishes to all my blogging friends wherever … Continue reading

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Underground, Overground

Under The roses, The spring and summer Abundance, Under The leaf litter, Underground, While mortals Sleep Another kingdom Keeps watch On the garden. Earthworms, Woodlice, Mycelium Inhabit The moist Dark recesses Of the earth, Toiling tirelessly For the health Of … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Defiant dahlias Poised and erect Vibrantly alive Hold their breath And wait. Pale sunshine Bathes Their anxious hearts But fails To warm, To quell Their fears Of sudden demise. Senses alert, Ears pricked, They wait For the inevitable, When Dr … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Late Summer Blues

The sun is tired, Snatching An extra few minutes Slumber Each day, Taking advantage Of passing clouds To have a nap, And retiring early. Mornings are Softer, cooler, With spidery Misty-eyed dampness, And nights reassess Their wardrobe. Seedpods are forming … Continue reading

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Top eBay Bargain

Top eBay bargain Headgear protects from sun’s rays Screening UV light I hadn’t intended to join in with with Ronovan’s haiku challenge (challenge words top and light) and Sandra at Wild Daffodil‘s 52 week photo challenge (challenge word headgear) this … Continue reading

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