Rose Hip Syrup

Ingredients:            6 pints (3.5 litres) water, 3lbs (1.4kg) rose hips, 2lbs (900g) sugar

Boil 4  pints (approx 1 litre) of the water.
Mince the hips coarsely and put into the boiling water.
Heat until water boils again.
Boil for a few minutes, skimming off scum as it rises.
Allow to cool for about 15 minutes.
Strain twice through fine linen or muslin or jelly bag.
Put the liquid obtained to one side.
Boil pulp again with remaining water.
Leave to cool for about 15 minutes and strain as before.
Return both liquids to pan and boil till juice is reduced to about 3 pints (1.25 litres)
Add sugar and stir till dissolved.
Pour into warmed bottles and seal.
Store in dark cupboard until required.

If you Google for a recipe you will find variations of this, including ones with spices added, and suggestions for using it other than the traditional vitamin boost. This is the first time I have made it and isn’t actually the colour one might remember from school dinners and as suggested in this flash-enhanced photo, but a paler rhubarb shade of pink.

5 Responses to Rose Hip Syrup

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  3. I love rose hips. ♥ I bet the syrup is yummy..

    • Cathy says:

      Hello Nadia – thanks for dropping in, and for reminding me about the syrup as it has been tucked away since I made it. I shall have some on my porridge!

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