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National Poetry Day: The Gardener’s Fickle Fingers

We are born, We die, And in between We live lives Of varying degrees Of usefulness, Our impact Subtle or Dramatic. In our gardens The plants Are the same, From humble weed To mighty oak; Born from seed Or Adam’s … Continue reading

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National Poetry Day: A-Rambling

Step outside – Feet touch Brick and stone, Bark: Familiar textures. Hands stroke, Pluck, Ruffle: Familiar actions. Sunlight warms, Dampness refreshes, Webs brush: Familiar sensations. Flowers whisper, Trees call, Earth reassures: Familiar words. Reds, pinks, Blues and purples, Greens: Familiar … Continue reading

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The Jigsaw

I remember a time, A plot of grass, A lot of hedge, An apple, a plum, But little else. Unrecognisable now, A jigsaw Of different shapes, Slotted together, Piece by piece, Edges and corners, Sky, trees, Shades and textures and … Continue reading

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