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Six on Saturday: Time to Put Off Bulb Planting

My bulb order from Peter Nyssen arrived yesterday and, like many fellow bloggers, I can now begin to put off planting them…does anybody enjoy this particular gardening task, I wonder? Actually, I don’t mind the indoor planting, and there are … Continue reading

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Rambling Outwith the Garden, Again

As promised, we have had another night away in the campervan, disguised on this blog by advance scheduling of posts, and with a bit of juggling put together an itinerary of three gardens on the first day, and a more … Continue reading

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Bordering On…

…what? OK? Acceptable? Certainly nowhere near ‘perfect’, but definitely improving and certainly the nearest to acceptable they have ever been. Today I would like to share the three groups of borders with you, assessing their overall impact, and starting with … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: They Keep on Coming

The woodland was planted in 2000 and a batch of probably 100 wood anemones were planted soon after – I might have said wood anemones, but in truth they were more like a small pile of broken twigs, for that … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: the Streamside and Other Projects

I got a shock looking through photos to try and find one which showed the overgrown streamside border because, at this leaner time of year, I had somehow forgotten how floriferous and leafy the garden is in summer! The one … Continue reading

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Hello 2021- What Have You Got in Store for the Garden?

Rather than wish anyone reading this a ‘happy new year’, which may sound  trite after the unforeseen eventualities of the previous year and the ongoing uncertainties of 2021, I shall wish you instead the very best year possible and thank … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Silhouettes and Structures

A wet and windy Saturday will no doubt add to the increasing accumulation of leaves around the garden, but if the rain eases off I might begin sweeping later in the day, bagging leaves to provide the anticipated leaf mould … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: a Lanky Lodger and Other Stuff

Having shown the delightful crab apple ‘Evereste’ last week, I thought it only fair to show the equally bright and fruitful ‘Golden Hornet’ this week; however, those of us acquainted with this buzzy crab apple also know its weakness, that … Continue reading

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(agapanthus plus pot) minus (ceanothus and ground elder) equals X

…where X is a Project. I have always enjoyed working with numbers, especially the logic of algebra and equations, quadratic or otherwise, and studied Maths beyond what was statutorily required at the time. This little project somehow reminded me of … Continue reading

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End of Month View: Hints of Autumn

There are definitely hints of a change in the season at the end of August this year, most noticeably the sudden drop in overnight temperatures (and the need to have a jumper or cardigan at the ready in the daytime) … Continue reading

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