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End of Month View: No Corsets

The garden Unlaces its stays And exhales, Sitting back and Relishing the freedom. Time poverty, Benign neglect And Autumn Conspire To bring dissipation: Plants loll And jostle, Leaning against Their tipsy friends; Like squatters, Weeds take advantage Of the laxness, … Continue reading

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The Leaf Police Dismisseth Us

The trees get dressed Each year in spring, Their finest frocks And glitziest bling, Till fully clothed They stand serene In varying shades Of fashionable green. All summer long They stand and preen Till autumn comes And sets the scene. … Continue reading

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With each Ray of sun, Each small Mercurial rise, Each drop Of gentler rain Another bud appears And swells, Another leaf bursts out, Unfurls. Stems push higher Skywards Every day, When light And dark meet As equals, When Spring Makes … Continue reading

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