End of Month View: No Corsets

The garden
Unlaces its stays
And exhales,
Sitting back and
Relishing the freedom.

Time poverty,
Benign neglect
And Autumn
To bring dissipation:
Plants loll
And jostle,
Leaning against
Their tipsy friends;
Like squatters,
Weeds take advantage
Of the laxness,
Beggars growing fat
On scraps from
A summer banquet;
Dahlias defy
The curfew,
But elsewhere
Jaded blooms linger,
Of a receding year
With the shorter days,
Clothed in woven
Of their heyday
By busy tailors
And their webs;

All too soon
The party will be over,
The table cleared
And the guests
And beggars
Their invitations
For next year
Already in the post.

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27 Responses to End of Month View: No Corsets

  1. Love the poem. Garden looks good, too.

  2. tidalscribe says:

    The first verse is perfect; we’re just back home after less than week to a rain battered and untidy ( it was untidy before we went away ) garden, but I shall go out there if the rain stops and think of the unlaced stays!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you tidalscribe – surprisingky the rain here hasn’t battered the garden too much, or perhaps it was so laid-back I didn’t notice any difference!

  3. etikser says:

    There should be a special button for ‘I like that a lot!’. I like that a lot!

  4. craftycreeky says:

    Love the poem, it perfectly describes our gardens at the moment 🙂

  5. Jackie Knight says:

    What a wonderful poem!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you Jackie. I had written the bones of it the previous week bu then it seemed appropriate to link it with my usual End of Month View

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Bonjour Cathy !
    L automne chez toi démarre en beauté !

    J aime beaucoup les boiseries peintes en gris bleu qui s accordent bien aux briques!
    Troisième photo est très jolies…

  7. Cathy what a wonderful poem, I love it. How I love your beautiful garden: flowers, green and lovely corners. It’s fantastic. Enjoy your magnificent garden. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. Kris P says:

    Your poems are as wonderful as your garden, Cathy.

  9. Brian Skeys says:

    I enjoyed your poem, I was thinking it could almost be describing this gardeners!

  10. I always enjoy your poems Cathy. I can hear your garden breathing the same deep sigh of relief as I did when my plaster cast was removed this afternoon 😄

  11. Nigel says:

    Nice. My guests and beggars never seem to leave

  12. Annette says:

    Such a nice autumn poem, Cathy, you’re ever so talented 🙂 still hardly any rain here but thankfully the sun isn’t as high anymore and obviously it’s cooler. Your garden is still full of interest. What’s the name of the white rose? Don’t see many Asters – I’ve decided to plant more, they’re just gorgeous. Have a nice weekend, I hope you’re both well x

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Annette = I realised it was too long since I had written any poetry. It is intriguing to hear you haven’t had much rain, as the UK has had a fairly damp September and early October (but with sunny periods too). The rose is Claire Austin – new to me 12 months ago. I have recently purchased some dwarf asters, but other asters I have tried have not thrived – if these do OK perhaps I will try some taller ones again. Trying to find time for all those garden jobs here, but I will catch up in due course. Best wishes to you both

  13. Joe Owens says:

    The end of the season is always a sad time for me. But this time around I am deep into planning for a bigger season next year as I grow my flower farm so the inside time will still keep me busy enough. Plus I am rehabbing a bad back.

    • Cathy says:

      Take care with your back, Joe and don’t take the risk of making it worse. Oh, and I agree that planning for a new season takes the edge off any sadness that might be felt at the end of a season. There will certainly be lots going on here in the winter months

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