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And Oh! The Roses…

Behind the gate Are surprises, Something different Around every corner. And oh! The roses… A feast for the eyes. Cup of tea please. The sweet peas are early. A magical experience, Delightfully quirky. Everything’s late. Welcome! Have you Been before? … Continue reading

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The Earth and the Fulness Thereof

Did I Close my eyes For a moment, Briefly Leave the room, Or turn my back? Were the trees Not bare With hardly a sprinkling Of green? Were the borders Not empty, Straggly and brown? Were posts Unclothed, Rosebuds Tight … Continue reading

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Inspiration Comes From many sources: A word A sight A sound A colour A memory A flash, Or gradual Consciousness Of an idea, Sometimes Arriving Fully formed, At others Winding, Twisting Gathering momentum And gaining ground Like tumbleweed, Forging Ahead … Continue reading

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Light and dark Are equal, Nothing else. The garden Is in flux, Reaching for T shirts Whilst pulling off Its winter coat, Snowdrops fading Amidst Spring brightness, Crab apples clothed In green, Birch and beech Naked And bare. Soon, The … Continue reading

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National Poetry Day: The Gardener’s Fickle Fingers

We are born, We die, And in between We live lives Of varying degrees Of usefulness, Our impact Subtle or Dramatic. In our gardens The plants Are the same, From humble weed To mighty oak; Born from seed Or Adam’s … Continue reading

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Precious drops

After weeks without, The ground is dry And unforgiving, Plants parched And gasping For relief. Guilty watering Barely Wets their lips; This humanitarian gesture, This act of pity, Is sadly too late For some And it will be The strong … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises

Shortest day, On the cusp Of a new year; Tardy sun Heaves herself Over the horizon, Relieved That from today It will get easier. Precious Extra minutes Will soon illuminate The winter garden, Highlighting Seasonal treasures: Snowdrops Cornus, Witch hazel, … Continue reading

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The green smell That follows Showers After Weeks without; Fresh foliage, Fresher still. First sweet peas And something Indeterminate Carried on the breeze; Tomato plants Warming in The greenhouse; Rich fruitiness, Close encounter With an early rose; Confused aroma of … Continue reading

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Underground, Overground

Under The roses, The spring and summer Abundance, Under The leaf litter, Underground, While mortals Sleep Another kingdom Keeps watch On the garden. Earthworms, Woodlice, Mycelium Inhabit The moist Dark recesses Of the earth, Toiling tirelessly For the health Of … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Defiant dahlias Poised and erect Vibrantly alive Hold their breath And wait. Pale sunshine Bathes Their anxious hearts But fails To warm, To quell Their fears Of sudden demise. Senses alert, Ears pricked, They wait For the inevitable, When Dr … Continue reading

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