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The green smell That follows Showers After Weeks without; Fresh foliage, Fresher still. First sweet peas And something Indeterminate Carried on the breeze; Tomato plants Warming in The greenhouse; Rich fruitiness, Close encounter With an early rose; Confused aroma of … Continue reading

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Underground, Overground

Under The roses, The spring and summer Abundance, Under The leaf litter, Underground, While mortals Sleep Another kingdom Keeps watch On the garden. Earthworms, Woodlice, Mycelium Inhabit The moist Dark recesses Of the earth, Toiling tirelessly For the health Of … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Defiant dahlias Poised and erect Vibrantly alive Hold their breath And wait. Pale sunshine Bathes Their anxious hearts But fails To warm, To quell Their fears Of sudden demise. Senses alert, Ears pricked, They wait For the inevitable, When Dr … Continue reading

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At Home on the Stage II: Corps de Ballet

Loose limbed And elegant They leap and prance Across the stage With familiar ease, Pristine dresses Flashing white Green trimmed For effect. Not a pas de deux A dance for two But for a larger cast, A thousand perhaps Or … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Me…

I sowed the seed, Planted the plant, Whispered, Cajoled And tended, Negotiated terms With sun And rain, But who… Waved a wand So plants That sulked Would thrive? Raised roses in dry shade And magnified The clematis blooms? Breathed new … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers Blooms Day: Long Drawn Out Pleasures

In deepest February Those months Between leaf drop And spring May seem to drag May chill our hearts May make us yearn For warmer days And sun. But pause awhile…. If, In our anxiety For weeks to pass By swift … Continue reading

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Late Summer Lament

The garden stalls and stutters, The seasons’ successes and failures Merging as one As the garden Ebbs and flows With the tides of the year, Money and effort expended Towards uncertain futures, Towards our age-wearied end. Beyond the garden, however, … Continue reading

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