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Meeting Bloggers: Cheery Thoughts

Rhododendrons do not appeal to everyone as I have discovered since writing this blog, but the small number I have suit their locations well and provide me with a degree of pleasure at certain times of year, particularly Rhododendron ‘Cheer’  … Continue reading

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Gatherings of Gardeners

Kate of Barn House Garden talked recently about receiving the promotional material required for opening her garden under the rebranded National Garden Scheme; on Sunday, The Golfer and I attended the Staffordshire, Birmingham and West Midlands ‘county’ lunch (although technically … Continue reading

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In a Vase on…erm, Sunday: Five Years a Blogger

I am taking the liberty of posting my Monday vase a day early – because today it is five years since I began blogging and combining the occasion with the first showing of this lovely vase has been my plan … Continue reading

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Bridging the Gap

Admiring emerging snowdrops (or counting their spots, the new sport suggested in comments on Chloris’s blog recently) conveniently bridges the gap between the leaner winter months and the rapid growth of the garden in spring. Fortunately, the Golfer has also … Continue reading

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