Sowing 2017-2018

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July 2017
Astrantia Bloody Mary SS
Delphinium White and Blue

Bellis perennis Pomponette
Viola Cool Wave Purple
Viola Cool Wave White
Viola Cool Wave Frost

Nigella Mulberry Rose
Nigella Miss Jekyll
Escholtzia White Linen
Escholtzia Golden West
Escholtzia Mikado
Lagurus ovatus
Pennisetum villosum SS
Vervena rigida
Cephalaria SS
2 Viola Cool Wave White
2 Viola Cool Wave Frost
Echinacea Purple
Echinacea Bravado
Cornflower Black Ball F
Cornflower White LY
Cornflower Blue Boy LY
Larkspur Sublime Dark Blue LY
Aquilegia Blue Star F
Bupleurium Bronze Beauty G
Echinops Arctic Glow SS
Echinops Blue Globe SS
Orlaya White Finch
Ammi Majus
Ammi visnaga
Sweet William Crown Double

October 2017
Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Mauve
Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Navy
Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Pink
Sweet Pea Winter Sunshine Opal
Sweet Pea Streamers Pink
Sweet Pea Cherub Lady T
Sweet Pea Cherub Mixed
Sweet Pea Perfumed Delight
Lychnis coronaria pink SS
2 Sweet William Crown Double
Sweet Pea Purple Pimpernel SS
Calendula Indian Prince
2 Sweet Pea Streamers Pink

January 2018
Lisianthus Echo Series Mixed
Cobaaea Violet
Viscaria Blue Angel LY
Sweet Pea Pink Shades

February 2018
Clarkia Double Mixed
Cosmos Click Cranberries LY
Cosmos Sonata Carmine
Cosmos Double Click Snow Puff
Cosmos Sonata Mix
Cosmos Sonata White
Limonium Rose Light
Limonium Rat Tail
Limonium Purple Attraction
Zaluzianski Midnight Candy
Gypsophila Covent Garden White
Gypsophila Kermesina
Alonsoa Salmon Beauty
Alonsoa Rebel
Agastache Liquorice White
Dahlia Figaro White Shades
2nd  Sweet Pea pink shades
Tomato Piccolo SS

Gomphrena Strawberry Fields
Gomphrena Mix
2nd Calendula Indian Prince
Amaranthus caudatus red LY
Amaranthus viridis LY
Amaranthus paniculatus Foxtail
Cosmos Fizzy Rose Picotee LY
Iberis Dwarf Fairy Mix
Helichrysum Bright Rose
Helipterum Pierrot
Helipterum Golaith Rose Red
Rudbeckia Irish Eyes
Nicotiana Nicki Lime
Nicotiana Nicki Red
Malope trifida Vulcan LY (G)
Clary Oxford Blue
Clary Sundae Pink
Scabious stellata Ping Pong
Rudbeckia Marmalade
Calendula Snow Princess
Lupin Snow Pixie
2nd Dahlia Figaro White
2 Cosmos Click Cranberries
2nd Californian Poppy White Linen
2nd Californian Poppy Mikado
2nd Californian Poppy Golden West
Sunflower Italian White
Sunflower Dwarf Sunspot
Sunflower Velvet Queen F
Nasturtium Milkmaid
Nasturtium Ladybird Rose
Nasturtium Ladybird Cream/Purple
Nigella white
Helianthus Microsun W?
Sweet Pea Singing the Blues
Tomato Tumbler W?
2nd Larkspur Sublime Dark Blue LY
2nd Gomphrena Mix
2nd Gomphrena Strawberry Fields

2nd Strawberry Ladybird Rose
Zinnia Purple Prince
Zinnia Lilliput Mixed
Zinnia Orange King F
Zinnia Summer Bouquet
Omphaloides linifolia
2nd  Bupleurium Bronze Beauty G
Aster Gala Mixed
Cosmos Dazzler F
Tagetes Red Paprika LY
2nd Cornflower Black Ball F
2nd Cornflower White LY
2nd Cornflower Blue Boy LY
2nd CErinthe
Delphinium Blue & White LY
2nd Orlaya
2nd Nigella Mulberry Rose
Panicum Frosted Explosion SS
2nd Nasturtium Ladybird CReam/Purple
2nd Clarkia
Bupleurum rotundifolum LY
2nd Sweet Pea Purple Pimpernel SS
2nd SWeet Pea Perfumed Delight
Climbing FRench Bean Cobra LY
2nd Cosmos Sonata Mixed
2nd Hordeum Jubatum
2nd Panicum Frosted Explosion