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Six on Saturday: No Room at the Inn

As I move towards the end of seed sowing for this time of the year, I am increasingly aware of the demands on space in the working greenhouse. So far, I have sown over 60 different seeds since January, with … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Down to the Nitty Gritty

With our February garden opening and a visit to my Mum out of the way, there has finally been an opportunity to catch up on outstanding ‘winter’ tasks, many of which had been postponed due to the ground being frozen … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Best Exotic

After Christmas, I commissioned The Golfer to build the framework of a bug hotel, which has duly been completed and erected. Everything has been recycled (no, I tell a lie – the slate roof was made from a roofing tile … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, Half of Them Pink

During the week I often come across something in the garden that could be featured on Six on Saturday, but then forget it by the time Saturday comes around and find myself scrabbling for contributions. Some of those featured this … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Phew!

Phew…what a scorcher it was yesterday! Phew! What a hectic afternoon it was on Thursday! Whew! What a relief it is to have some rain today! Take your pick… On Thursday afternoon we had our only (so far) booked group … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: In One Fell Swoop…

… the character of the woodland has been destroyed… Our neighbour on the hedge side came to the door a week or so ago to say they were planning on replacing part of the hedge at the bottom end of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Seed Sorting

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Crowning Glory and Other Curiosities

I showed an example of fasciation on Wordless Wednesday last week, in that case in a veronicastrum; today I found another example, this time in Veronica longifolium ‘Marietta’. Fasciation occurs due to abnormal activity in the growing tip of a … Continue reading

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Definitely an Asset

There are four cutting beds down beside the working greenhouse, in the sunniest part of the garden, plus two beds with dahlias and sweet peas, and I thought I would share theseĀ  first four and their contents with you today. … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Sweet

I have not allowed myself to sway from the original intention of using purely sweet peas in today’s vase: after all, they deserve it, brightening the greenhouse where they are grown and filling it with a sublime fragrance. For those … Continue reading

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