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Six on Saturday: Still Stretching the Boundaries

Take one half-decent border (above) and take up the path in front of it: Take out the plants in the front part of the border and temporarily pot them up, then dig over the remaining soil: Build a wall round … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: the Cutting Beds

Before this post was written, I had to check back on the blog to see when the cutting beds first came into existence, and was surprised to find it was as long ago as 2014. Their creation was the result … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: a Good Year for Clematis?

Based on the display of these two and an adjacent clematis, and the number of buds on many more, I wondered if this year was turning out to be an especially good year for them – but when checking previous … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: at the Bottom of the Garden

Most of today’s Six are at the bottom of the garden, the ‘working end’ with the greenhouse, cutting beds and fruit cage, so in the absence of a theme or better title we have the unimaginative one above. I feel … Continue reading

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Six Hatchlings on Saturday

It is always exciting when something in the garden flowers for the first time, or after a long absence – an occasion for the red carpet to be rolled out and for a tootle on a trumpet or, at the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday; ah Honey Honey

Sugar, ah honey honey You are my candy girl There is a heady fragrance in the garden today, accentuated by the gentle breeze that has taken the edge off the heat. Often the fragrance catches you unawares, and it can … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Combinations

On one of my rambles around the garden today it struck me that that there were a number of pretty combinations around, most of which were the result of a happy coincidence rather than any planning on my part. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Grand

Clematis montana ‘Grandiflora’ above is climbing very grandly through the hedge, not only exceeding anything it has ever done before but also exceeding any expectation one might have of on seeing the ground in which it is growing – reclaimed … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Moving On and Moving In

It is inevitably the time of year for ‘firsts’ in the garden, and above is the first of the summer clematis to bloom. ‘The Vagabond’ is an early and mid-summer variety, a type I rarely buy because of their lack … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Aquilegia, Astrantia and Allium

When aquilegia, astrantia and allium, the three As, begin to flower in the borders we know the transition from spring to summer has begun and that the garden has gained an unstoppable momentum. The above photo (coincidentally) shows all three. … Continue reading

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