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Six on Saturday: 322 Plug Plants and Some Sweet Peas

For the second year running, I placed an order in November for all the bedding plants* needed to fill all the pots, troughs and baskets for the following year. Trying to plan and choose in advance was really hard, and … Continue reading

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Six on Sunday: Busy!

I took photographs for Jon the Propagator’s Saturday meme yesterday but got engrossed with something else and ran out of time to write a post – probably a good thing, having lots of distractions to stop us thinking about the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: the Pace Quickens

Daytime temperatures have reached the low teens most days this week and there have been splashes of sunshine and blue sky, but even on the greyer days there has been an urgency about the garden, its pace quickening as the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Spring has Spru…

Well no, Spring has NOT quite sprung yet, but it is thinking about it and along with new shoots on numerous herbaceous perennials and buds breaking on trees and hedges there are many other signs that the seasons are a’changing, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Musings

A few weeks ago I would have stated categorically that the Crocus tommasinianus and Narcissi ‘Tête-à-Tête’ in the streamside grass are never in flower at the same time, with the crocus reliably flowering mid-February and the narcissi sometime in March … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Ready for Visitors (including Dennis)

As some of you will know, we are opening the garden for the National Garden Scheme tomorrow, the first time we have opened in February. It has been a pleasure to be able to share the garden with a wider … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Promising a Rose Garden

I noticed Dorris is celebrating the promises in her garden today and, coincidentally, so I am I – not strictly true I suppose, as this time of year, especially in milder winters, our gardens invariably bring much joy as countless … Continue reading

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