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The Busiest of Times, the Quietest of Times

It has been a strange fortnight, beginning as it did with Christmas Day on a Monday; with leap years, I think this must be the first Christmas since I finished work  that has fallen on a Monday and somehow it … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Bright Eyes

Yesterday, whilst contemplating picking and plonking for today’s vase, I was very aware of a forecasted minimum overnight temperature of 3ºC with the potential for frost and felt a strange dilemma – part of me was excited about this turning … Continue reading

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Bounteous Blooms in July

I featured the cutting beds a little while ago and indeed they just keep getting better and better – but they are not the only blooms in the garden, although undoubtedly they host the highest concentration of floriferousness. Admittedly there … Continue reading

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Hold Those Secateurs!

The cutting beds are just wonderful at the moment and I find myself just standing and gawping when I reach them on my rambles. No doubt aided by the higher than average quantity of sun and associated warmth we have … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished (well, nearly)

The last piece of the summer pot jigsaw is about to be put in place with the long-awaited arrival of these ‘summer patio planters’ in Aldi today; having bought these for the last 3 years I knew what good value … Continue reading

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Plenty of Musing

My mind has been working overtime whilst rambling in recent weeks, musing and cogitating, assessing and reviewing, identifying ways to tweak the garden to up the ante before next year’s NGS opening. Some things I can’t plan for, like the … Continue reading

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