Rose Hip Hurray!

One of our dog roses has been covered in hips this year, so I have braved the thorns and picks about a pound of hips and made some rose hip syrup, remembered by many from school puddings of childhood and well known for its vitamin boosting qualities and for keeping colds at bay. The pound of hips easily made enough to fill these two 250ml bottles. It isn’t anything like the vibrant colour the picture suggests, as the afternoon greyness required flash photography – as the crushed hips are only infused for a relatively short period I was unsure if there would be much colour at all, but I would describe the finished product as a subtle shade of rhubarb purée (for those of us who have ever puréed our rhubarb). I shall post the recipe soon (on the ‘In the Kitchen’ page) but have to confess this is the first time I have attempted the syrup, having rejected the alternative rose hip jelly as I have huge quantities (well, a lot) of redcurrants and am an equally huge fan of redcurrant jelly

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