Game Changer

IMG_7012Spring equinox comes
Longer days and active growth
Showers see play stopped

Spring equinox comes: longer days and active growth
Longer days and active growth: showers see play stopped

Joining in with Ronovan’s haiku challenge (challenge words shower and play) and Sandra at Wild Daffodil‘s photo challenge (challenge word spring). Thanks to both of them for hosting.

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9 Responses to Game Changer

  1. I’m dodging showers too! But what a relief to be past the Equinox and into my favourite time of year.

  2. Chloris says:

    You are good at these haikus. Typical Easter weather isn’ t it? But spring is a magical time.And now we have light evenings so we can play longer.

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  4. With those spring showers come the flowers. Your haiku is fun. Perfect for the time of year.

  5. Denis1950 says:

    Fantastic haiku Cathy and what an image, work in progress in the garden.

  6. Spring! definitely a time to get out in the garden and get it ready for summer.

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