In a Vase on Monday: Not Fade Away

Just a quick vase from me today, and a straight copy of a posy I gave to a friend a few days ago: a spent hydrangea head and 3 sprigs of Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’, the green, red and pink markings of the persicaria picking out the different shades of the hydrangea. Made on my weekly ‘Grannie Day’, the grandchildren were having their afternoon nap in the room where most of my vases are stored, so my choice was limited. This heavy turquoise glass vase is a fairly new acquisition from the charity shop at our local waste disposal site but I am sure it will be used often – I love both its weight and shape.

If you have a few minutes to pick some blooms or other plant material from your garden and plonk them in a vase or jam jar, then please share the result with us by leaving the usual links to and from this post.

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  2. Very effective for a ‘quick’ arrangement! I think your charity shop is similar to our thrift stores – repurposing clothes and household items to benefit charities. Treasures can sometimes be found!

  3. Noelle says:

    Love the vase…yes weight is a great characteristic of a good one. Even fading away blooms are wonderful…Here is my post this week:

  4. Noelle says:

    Love the new/old heavy vase, it goes very nicely with your faded hydrangea and the feisty Red Dragon. Here is my week’s offer:

    • Cathy says:

      I have no idea of the age of the vase as there are no markings so it could be new or not- so-new. Not that it matters of course

  5. the running wave says:

    I love your green hydrangea head Cathy! I used to hate hydrangeas when I was a little girl. I can remember driving with my family from the ferry port on the Isle of Wight to our hotel in Seaview and it was wall to wall pink hydrangeas all along the route. We walked into the hotel reception and there was a huge vase of plastic ones. Ugh! That was in about 1959. Things have changed since then and I particularly love the blue ones now, and white too, which maybe yours was before it faded to that lovely green. Great vase too! I have greedily done two posts this week for IAVOM. I hope that’s OK. The second one had to be shared!! Amanda

    • jenhumm116 says:

      Hi Amanda – how funny, I’m only a mile or so from Seaview!

      • Amanda says:

        I love Seaview and the Isle of Wight! We had many happy holidays there when I was a child and returned decades later for my husband’s 40th birthday, when we had a fabulous weekend at the Seaview Hotel along with our children! A

    • Cathy says:

      This one was pink and rather sadly not in our garden from my choosing (it belonged to the Golfer’s Mum) – but I do quite like the faded flowers

  6. Nice! I thought that was Coleus foliage with the Hydrangea. Sometimes I think the fading ones are prettier than fresh blooms. I love the new vase, I have found many treasures (especially vases) in thrift/charity shops. Here is my vase this week

  7. bcparkison says:

    One of my favorite blooms and the vase is really nice. Good find.

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  9. Maggie says:

    Subtle and beautiful.

  10. Kris P says:

    I do miss having hydrangeas in my garden but it’s too hot and dry here for their liking. Between fires and construction workers, it’s a tense morning here today. Here’s my post:

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  12. Whenever I see other people’s dried hydrangea heads I wish that I liked them enough to grow them in the garden to have my own to pick. They really go such interesting colours and your persicaria picks that up v. nicely in your vase.
    Here is mine:

    • Cathy says:

      Haha, well this bush us not here out of choice, I will readily admit – but I shoved it to the back of the woodland edge border where I can forget about it!

  13. That faded hydrangea is most elegant and soothing to the eye Cathy. Your ‘new’ vase an excellent purchase. How great to have a charity shop at your local waste disposal site – I wish ours would follow suite. A little and late in the day vase from me today :

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  15. jenhumm116 says:

    Hi Cathy
    Here’s mine. Great to be back – and love your striking arrangement this week!

  16. karen says:

    Lovely vase. Love the colour. My hydrangeas are changing colour. Some beautiful antique pinks. Here’s my written-in -a -hurry Vase. Everything seems to need doing at once! Love karen xx

  17. Lovely hydrangea. I have one to share too

  18. pbmgarden says:

    That is a gorgeous arrangement Cathy. The new vase is perfect with the hydrangea. Thanks for hsoting.

  19. A very nice combination, and I absolutely love the vase. That’s the kind of vase I like to use–the color and shape are so lovely!

  20. Chloris says:

    Very pretty. I think we all agree that faded hydrangeas are prettier than fresh ones. They go such lovely antiquey shades.

  21. Cathy I love your green and faded hydrangea. The truth is that I love hydrangeas anyway. It is divine with the persicaria. The vase you have found in the charity shop is wonderful, I really like its shape and color and that it weighs. It is divine with hydrangea and persicarias: it is a magnificent and simple arrangement at the same time, but wonderfully beautiful, I love it. Have a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  22. tonytomeo says:

    Again, I am sorry I missed these, and those from this week too.

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