In a Vase on Monday: Victoria’s Secret

Having used the tulips I gave my Mum for last week’s IAVOM it seems ages, albeit only a fortnight, since I created a Monday vase myself and I was looking forward to having a greater variety of blooms to choose from now that spring has well and truly sprung. It wasn’t quite as easy as that though and I am not especially satisfied with the result.

Although intending to shun tulips in favour of all the alternative blooms around I nevertheless ended up using a single Victoria’s Secret tulip as the centrepiece of the vase, this gloriously deep purple curled and twisted parrot flowered tulip being at its best now. Joining her were to be a range of pinks and purples and whites, complementing but not detracting from her diva status. In the vase are two out of the only three ranunculus flowers (Aviv Rose) the garden was blessed with, soft pink aquilegia, Heuchera ‘Florist’s Choice’, Ornithogalum nutans, Geranium phaeum ‘Raven’, Astrantia ‘Buckland and spent flowers of Hellebore ‘Double Lime’; picked but rejected as unsuitable were pale purple aquilegia, the last of Narcissi ‘Erlicheer’ and a sprig of dark red foliage from Malus ‘Royal’. Oh, and the third ranunculus bloom which was suffering from a broken stem.

My Caithness Glass rose bowl in the vintage Heather colourway was chosen because of its muted purple tones but in practice the colour is perhaps too subtle to be noticeable – although a clear vase would have such a distinct lack of colour that maybe this one works better than first appearances suggest. The backdrop is provided by a large purple towel and props are courtesy of the Golfer’s coin collection, a selection of Victorian pennies, some ‘young head’ and some ‘old head’ or ‘widow head’. There are many rumours of secrets in Queen Victoria’s personal life, but most will no doubt remain as such, Victoria’s Secrets…

I may not be entirely satisfied with today’s vase but it will still give me pleasure, as Monday vases always do. What can you find in your garden or nearby to pop in a vase and bring you pleasure during the week? As always, please share it with us if you can by leaving links to and from this post in the usual way.

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  4. jenhumm116 says:

    Another lovely vase – and clever Victoria link.
    Here’s mine, although not mine, if you see what I mean!

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  6. Cathy says:

    It’s delicately lovely Cathy! The combination of the pale greens with that towel (who but you would have thought of that!) and the luscious tulip are super. Loved the ornithogalum with the little hints of green leading away from the centre of the arrangement – your vases (unlike my own!) are never ‘plunked’ are they? Here is my vase for today:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy – and oh dear, how do we define plonking…?! Mostly I feel I ‘plonk’ and then tweak till I have something that is reasonably pleasing, but I suppose in practice I often consciously try to balance the blooms around a focal point – so perhaps that is no longer plonking …? ๐Ÿ™‚ I rarely think of them as ‘arrangements’ though, but hey! what’s in a word?!

  7. I love the combination of colours around that beautiful dark tulip! Here is my vase:

  8. Christina says:

    Isn’t Victoria’s secret a chain of women’s underwear stores? Perhaps the Victoria of your coins wouldn’t be ‘amused’!! Or perhaps she would. Lovely to see all your sweet spring flowers today, my vase (s) are definitely more summer than spring this week.

  9. Belle and Candle says:

    I think it’s beautiful. It has a tumbling cottage garden feel, the green of the Hellebore is perfect.

    Here’s my Vase/Jar!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you – there are so many spent hellebore flowers in the garden and they look lovely so I don’t want to cut and compost them yet so this was a good way of continuing to enjoy them

  10. The color combination is divine and I did not know about Victorias Secret – the tulip or the actual secrets! I like the vase, though sometimes when I finish a vase I wish I had used another container. Here is my vase:

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  12. Cathy says:

    I must admit I was expecting something a bit saucy with that title! Still, that tulip is so wonderfully blousy, reminiscent of petticoats perhaps…. I wonder if anyone wore purple petticoats in Victoria’s times! Lovely aquilegia – I am still waiting for mine to open. I succumbed to the tulips again this week too:

    • Cathy says:

      Interesting thought…it wouldn’t have been the ‘done thing’ of course but I am sure there were a few rebellious women out there! My aquilegia are beginning to open thick and fast – no stopping them now!

  13. Victoria got her proper place of honor in this vase too. Her surrounding subjects are quite fanciful. I love the free and gay feeling of the subjects.

  14. FlowerAlley says:

    Lovely, as usual.

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  16. Gorgeous, Cathy. Beautiful colour tulip and its companions.

  17. Cath says:

    I love those delicate little Hellebores, as well as all the others. I think it’s a very pretty arrangement. Here is mine

  18. pbmgarden says:

    Love the rich hue of Victoria’s Secret with the lime hellebore. Makes a great combination. Thanks for hosting us Cathy, taking time even as you’re preparing for the open days in your garden. My vase is

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Susie – and interestingly this tulip hasn’t opened fully yet like tulips often do as soon as they are brought inside. I think I need to make sure I do intersperse other things between open garden preparation tasks – mustn’t get over-obsessed!

  19. I just about gasped when I called up your blog and saw that Tulip. Thought at first it might be a Magnolia flower. What a stunner. I have another big vase of Hellebore seedheads in the house this week. Since I am cutting them off to make room for the leaves it seems a shame to put them on the compost pile when they look so good. And thank you for giving me another interpretation of “Victoria’s Secret.” I think it may be the excuse I need to add that flower to my garden. My vase is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Sorry for the shock!! I am completely with you on the hellebore flowers – exactly what I would do. I like them nearly as much in this state as when fresh.

  20. Peter/Outlaw says:

    As sweet, joyful, and mysterious as the miracle of spring and the fascinating Victoria. My contribution is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you Peter and yes, spring is indeed sweet and joyful and how she can be so abundant so quickly really is a mystery!

  21. Eliza Waters says:

    I love this color combination, Cathy. The textures are lovely as well, the Dbl. Lime Hellebore and VS tulip play well off of each other. My vase this week:

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  23. jenmac13 says:

    You have very high standards to find that display lacking! I’m suffering ragged ranunculus in the garden too, but it’s there’s a beautiful sweetbriar that’s star of the show this week.
    Thanks for hosting Cathy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Jen – I am just pleased to have any ranunculus but have never had any real success with them so perhaps won’t try anymore.

  24. Chloris says:

    How pretty, I love the colour combination and the tulip is gorgeous. Although, bearing Christina’s comment in mind, I am disappointed that you didn’t use a pair of your bloomers as a prop.
    My offering is: โ€Ž

  25. I won’t have a vase to share today, unfortunately, but came to see yours and the others who have posted. I must admit I first thought of the lingerie store with your title – the diva tulip does have that showgirl feathered fan quality about it. Queen Victoria is much more dignified, though!

  26. Kris P says:

    I’ve always loved the combination of purple and green so I fell for this arrangement on first sight, Cathy. You do have an amazing collection of flowers to choose from even if they didn’t meet the spec you carried in your head. I would be so pleased to grow Astantia in my garden but, sadly, it’s another plant that doesn’t “do” my climate. Here’s my post:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Kris, the astrantia are only just coming into bloom but there are numerous aquilegia to choose from which made the decision difficult!

  27. And at first glance I thought that tulip was a lovely peony. My vases this Monday…

  28. Leanne says:

    That deep purple tulip is magnificent with the lime colored hellebores! Here is my vase from Williamsburg, Virginia.

    • Cathy says:

      Hello Leanne and thanks for joining us. Looking at the vase as I write this I am sure that it works better as a single bloom like this, with less showy partners

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  30. Sam says:

    A very pretty vase, Cathy. I love astrantia but the soil is too light and free-draining here to grow it successfully, sadly. Adding the hellebore seedheads is a great idea – adds a lovely freshness. My Monday vase is here:
    Thank you for hosting. Sam x

    • Cathy says:

      What a shame astrantia don’t do well for you – I thought they were pretty accommodating creatures but this tells me otherwise. My newer ones have taken time to settle in, sulking for a couple of years but look as if they are much happier this year.

  31. Alison C says:

    I think it’s a very sweet little vase and Victoria is certainly stunning. The other little things compliment perfectly. I’ve got tulps in the garden but as I’m enjoying the effect, I haven’t cut any. Cutting one would be a good compromise. Shame we’ll never know about Victoria’s secrets! My link:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Alison – this tulip was on its own in a bed, the sole one left there from a year ago, I think, so it wasn’t a problem cutting it!

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  34. Mrs. Brown says:

    The texture of the lime hellebore is eye catching. Here is my offering for this week. I enjoy the variety of vases and look forward to browsing through this weeks lovelies!

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, there is such a variety of blooms – and it’s great that they can bring pleasure not just to the person whose vase it is but to the rest of us as well

  35. johnvic8 says:

    That is some tulip. Wow. Thanks again for introducing us to this meme.

  36. J & D > Absolutely amazing colours – so tasteful!

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  38. I really like the lime green Hellebores with the gaudy purple of Victoria’s Secret! I think someone else mentioned the lingerie store by that name, and I have to say the tulip does rather remind me of some fancy, perhaps naughty, undergarments! Maybe an old fashioned petticoat, just mischievously peaking beneath a skirt? Perhaps not your favorite, but pretty nonetheless! Here’s my offering for the week:

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, from that description I can see how I could have had a completely different emphasis with the vase – perhaps next week…?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. smallsunnygarden says:

    The tulip is quite luxurious, and I love the way the pale green hellebores keep everything so fresh! It’s a lovely vase altogether, I think ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here is my offering for the week, sadly a rather hastily photographed and posted one, but a vase nevertheless – with roses, at that…:
    In answer to your earlier question, I often find myself posting a bit after midnight, when I can find a block of time to work on it! Not the best way to blog, and I hope to eventually reschedule it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Monday vases are for me precisely that – “Monday” vases – in part because when I began I was using them as the one bright spot in some very stressful Mondays (back then I was still dealing with a lot of probate issues leftover from my father’s death). And somehow I’ve never been able to persuade myself to switch to Sunday for the sake of better timing… So that is a not-so-brief explanation of why my posts are generally late! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for being so generous about it all!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Amy, and thank you for explaining the reason behind the timing of your posts. I do hope the aftermath of your father’s death has eased and things are generally less stressful for you now. I am glad you have found IAVOM a bright spot in difficult times

  40. rickii says:

    I find it easier to put together a good vase when the raw materials are fewer. Isn’t that crazy? Victoria seems to be getting renewed attention, with TV and movies shining the spotlight on her. She does a fine job of dominating your vase. Here’s mine:

  41. karen says:

    How wonderful! I love that purple tulip. So beautiful. I love the background and the Victoria theme. Very pretty and cheerful. I will catch up with you soon Xxx

  42. Anna says:

    ‘Victoria’ is a fabulous shade Cathy and her companions are all good company. I wonder why you were not satisfied with the result. I have a few Victorian pennies too – collected from one of my Saturday jobs when I was a teenager. Will have to have a peek at them and check the heads.

    • Cathy says:

      I think it was just not what I was originally thinking of doing – perhaps it just took some getting used to… !

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