In a Vase on Monday: Jour d’Automne

img_8251Today’s vase and its title pay homage to the first flower of the dahlia in the forefront of  the arrangement, Dahlia ‘Nuit d’Été’, a rather attractive dark red semi cactus variety which came to me as a postage only offer from Gardeners’ World. I sincerely hope there will be more blooms before those inevitable first frosts, but at least we have had the benefit of this one bloom, unlike ‘Karma Serena’ which is still at the bud stage despite being the first dahlia to flower last year, and in July at that!

img_8255The pretty bloom is joined by an eclectic mix of autumnal material, largely but not exclusively dependent on other dahlias. The dark red of ‘Nuit d’Été’ is enhanced not only by Karma Naomi and a red Bishop’s Children dahlia but also by the chubby spikes of Persicaria ‘Fat Domino’, dark foliage and slightly past-it flowers of Sedum ‘Jose Aubergine’ and a flower spike of Miscanthus ‘Ferner Osten’, all three of the latter in their first full season and destined to become firm favourites.

img_8252Other complementary autumnal shades were added in the form of that hugely successful unknown dark yellow dahlia, peachy seed-grown Dahlia ‘Figaro’, ‘Italian White’ sunflower, honeysucle berries, rose hips from ‘Parkdirektor Riggers’ and a solo orange zinnia from ‘Sprite Mixed’. Props took the form of accidentally deadheaded blooms of ‘Figaro’ and the first but very belated tithonia, supported by a clutch of ‘Golden Hornet’ crab apples.

The tone of this arrangement, in its chunky cuboid glass vase, is somehow very different from more recent offerings with their late summer emphasis – it seems to have a more autumnal feel about it, a wrapping up in a wooly jumper warmth rather than the warmth of a sunny day, or am I imagining it? I like it very much anyway.

img_8256What autumnal material will you be including in your vase  today, foraged from your own garden or nearby? None of course if you are in the southern hemisphere, but we look forward to your more spring-like offerings instead. Just include links to and from this post if you would like to share your vase with others, or just create one for your own pleasure if you like – just a single bloom or twig can be enough so do give it a try.


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57 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Jour d’Automne

  1. Autumn is definitely here, and this vase is a wonderful celebration. 🙂

  2. I do like your ‘Nuit d’Été’. Those GW offers are quite good fun when you can pick them up, aren’t they. Definitely a last hurrah of late summer/early autumn here. The sedum definitely sets the tone for autumn. Here’s mine, a repeat of one of last year’s vases but updated in various ways, and looking autumnal too:

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, me too, Joanna – and seeing it makes me realise how much I like this semi cactus shape of dahlia. It’s not a huge bloom either so I will look out for others of this type. There is a distinct change in the last few days and I think there will be an increasing amount of autumnal evidence here

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  4. Cathy says:

    Yes, definitely an autumnal feel this week. Such gorgeous warm and rich colours Cathy! Just what we need as the temperatures fall.
    Here is my vase for today. Thanks for hosting, and have a lovely week!

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  6. Anca Tîrcă says:

    Autumn has its garden beauties and you have just shown us some of them!This is the link to my vase:

  7. pbmgarden says:

    Do we have to say autumn already Cathy? I’m kicking and screaming at that, but do admire your floral tribute to the season. Your arrangement makes me wish I’d planted dahlias this year. I really like your peachy-colored Dahlia ‘Figaro’ and the still life you composed. Thanks so much for hosting.
    My vase this week is

    • Cathy says:

      Oops – sorry Susie, but there has been a definite change in the ‘feel’ of the weather in the last few days and I definitely would not have used ‘that word’ before now! This is the first time I have grown these ‘bedding dahlias’ but they were a real doddle, sown in early Feb and flowering from the beginning of July. They are short too – no more than 12″ so would be great for front of borders too, and I will be looking around to see what choice of seeds there are for next year as they seem to come mostly in mixed packets. I shall, however, label the colours of the ones I have and overwinter them and will also be making sure I sow enough to provide some for the plant stall when I open the garden

  8. Such lovely rich colors!

  9. I’m ready for autumn if it means bouquets like yours. That centerpiece Dahlia is a beauty. I grew my first Dahlia this year and am hooked on them. I also really like that Sedum with its dark brown little dots. Great combo. My offering is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Linda – I was thinking my vases might get a bit samey with the same dahlias over recent weeks, but this manages to look different again so I am well pleased

  10. Lovely, the stroke of genius here is the contrast between the Italian Sunflower (I have seedlings coming along) and the Sedum, perfect. I love the Miscanthus and it would be a favorite if I could grow it.! As always, envying your Dahlias. Thank you for hosting, this is so much fun!
    Here is my version of fall:

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  12. Sam says:

    Another gorgeous autumnal vase, Cathy. Those dahlias are lovely. I didn’t try to grow any this year after losing all of ours last year to slugs and snails. I’ll give it another go, though, because they are so striking. My vase is my usual hotch-potch!
    Thanks, as always, for hosting. Sam x

  13. Peter Herpst says:

    Much as I’d like to hold on to summer, autumn is definitely here. With mornings being a little chilly, your warm sweater, beautiful arrangement warms from the inside. Your garden yields so much great material and you work magic with it. Happy autumn, Cathy. My offering is here:

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Peter – ‘it’ seems to be suddenly here too although after the chilliest night for months today has been lovely and sunny.

  14. Eliza Waters says:

    Your arrangement has a wonderful autumnal feel to it, Cathy. ‘Nuit d’Été’ is such a beautiful dahlia, I hope you get many more weeks of it before the frost comes. My vase this week is simple in comparison!

  15. You have a really autumnal vase today, Cathy. Your dahlias are gorgeous and you are clearly better at growing then than I am … I have one annual dahlia in flower and that is it – the slugs got the rest, despite copper tape around the pots. I give up! My vase is a complete contrast to woolly jumper – much cooler looking in fact:
    Thanks, as always, for hosting this meme.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Elizabeth – this is only my second successful dahlia year, so I am still a novice, but I feel I can grow them with confidence now. I just protected them from slugs when they were first planted out, but that was all – but the slugs have been kind to my garden this year 😉

  16. Oh that last shot is so very yummy! It’s nice to read about a success from one of those offers from Gardeners’ World. Being in the states I can’t ever take advantage of them but wonder if people really do. Here is(are) my arrangement(s) this week:

    • Cathy says:

      The offers are generally quite reasonable, although if it involves plants they are usually pretty small – bulbs and tubers are a better deal.

  17. Kris P says:

    What a wealth of dahlias you have! After last week’s heatwave, we’re enjoying the cool temperatures that characterize autumn here, although they might feel more like spring or early summer to people in colder climates. However, my vases probably can’t be characterized as fall-like, even if the Senna I used only appears in fall:

    Thanks for hosting, Cathy!

  18. Chloris says:

    And I like it too, lovely autumnal colours. A gorgeous dahla, I will look out for that. You are always so good at coming up with great titles.
    Here I am, no snappy title I’m afraid.…men-hederifolium/

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  20. Noelle says:

    Tres joli….your arrangement sums up this glorious autumn…here my contribution, with the ever present Red Dragon:

  21. Christina says:

    Lovely colours today Cathy and definitely heralds the change in season. I’ve been laid up in bed today with a virus, I did my vases yesterday so I’ll post tomorrow. Sorry to be late.

    • Cathy says:

      Oh Christina – so sorry to hear you have been laid up. I wondered what was up as you usually say early on if you are not going to be able to post. Hope you feel better soon – and certainly don’t fret about being ‘late’ with your vases

  22. Beautiful, that is a glorious selection of colours. I love the effect of the fading sedum and the way the colours echo back and forth around the vase.
    My vase is all about harvesting stuff as we move into autumn and is full of beans (literally!):

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Allison – I am really enjoying sedums this year and will seek out more varieties next year, especially the dark leaved ones. I look forward to your harvested vase 🙂

  23. Anna says:

    Oh glorious shades of autumn in your vase this week Cathy. The effect is is rich, warm and glowing. I wonder what’s going on with your ‘Karma Serena’ dahlia – maybe it is just taking a year off after doing so well last year. It’s certainly be rather cool here the last couple of mornings. Wooly jumpers can’t be that far off.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Anna – and for your eNote that you sent. So unexpected and thoughtful – I will investigate the website as it is such a nice idea. Yes, I have just about finished sewing 2 belated summer dresses, just in time to start wearing a warmer wardrobe!

  24. smallsunnygarden says:

    Your vase definitly has an autumnal feel, and I adore your use of the sedum flowers in it 🙂 It must be lovely to have all those dahlias available; I’m reminded of D. ‘Arabian Nights’, which was one I grew during my very-dark-red-nearly-black-flowers phase. I think perhaps yours might be more satisfactory as I found AN a bit too funereal a hue…
    Now, I want very much to be able to post my link; this the FIRST official blog post at the new site — everything is working well, except the publish button!?!! As soon as I can rustle it up, I’ll get the link over here…!

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  26. Christina says:

    Here you are Cathy, a day late but that doesn’t spoil the pleasure. Thanks for hosting.

  27. homeslip says:

    Beautiful Autumn flowers and fabulous colours and textures. colours. It is just beginning to feel like Autumn here with nerines starting to flower and Virginia creeper starting to colour. But the real Autumn test for me is when the Norway maple starts to blaze and that is still resolutely green. Last year it was a riot of gold in mid-September – isn’t it amazing what a moveable feast our seasons are becoming. For example yesterday I saw more Red Admirals in one day than I have seen throughout the entire summer.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, and it seems to happen so suddenly – you could see the start of leaf colour change virtually overnight last week here

  28. johnvic8 says:

    Lovely sense of autumn in your vase this week. Pardon my absence this week; I tried to put together a vase featuring muhly grass but could never get the right light to show it off. Next week.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely arrangement, Cathy. The warm hues of your dahlias are perfect for this time of the year – definitely warm woolly jumper colours. After an absence of a few weeks, I’m back and I’ve been foraging in both my garden and on a walk nearby for today’s vases – – hope you like.

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