Top eBay Bargain

IMG_7433Top eBay bargain
Headgear protects from sun’s rays
Screening UV light

I hadn’t intended to join in with with Ronovan’s haiku challenge (challenge words top and light) and Sandra at Wild Daffodil‘s 52 week photo challenge (challenge word headgear) this week because it seemed unlikely that the challenge words could be successfully incorporated into the style of this blog. However, having just bought this linen hat with inbuilt sun protection from eBay – exactly what I was looking far and brand new but half the price on the attached M&S tag – well, the timing was too opportune to ignore. I really should have sourced a ‘gardening hat’ well before now, but at least I shall now be well protected when we get back to those hot and sunny days! Thanks to Sandra and Ronovan for hosting.

Top eBay bargain, headgear protects from sun’s rays
Headgear protects from sun’s rays, screening UV light

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6 Responses to Top eBay Bargain

  1. So good Cathy!
    Gardening hats – there’s a whole subject in itself – I wear a sparkly visor when the sun is strong, and don’t usually venture out to the garden when it’s raining – what a wuss!
    So glad it all came together this week.

  2. Congrats on the hat and the haiku! I often wear a baseball cap which is not nearly enough protection as my ears that back of my neck are exposed.

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