In a Vase on Monday: And So to Bed

IMG_6341Sometimes a vase and its contents, props and title come together like a dream and this is one such time. I know I used roses last week, but a new flush of these tiny apricot blooms proved too hard to resist and so a post was born.

The roses are in a large galvanised tank on the paved area and thus visible, like last week’s roses, from the kitchen windows, and with the name ‘Sweet Dreams’ so many IMG_6344opportunities were suddenly at my disposal, arriving in a rush. Reflecting the fact that not everything in the garden was as fresh and alive as these roses and possibly past its bedtime, I also picked some spent flowerheads of Inula magnifica (which hold themselves magnificently throughout the winter), rose hips from ‘Parkdirektor Riggers’ and almost bare stems of Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’.

IMG_6340The pickings were placed in a mug which I thought was produced for Ovaltine but when I googled to check found instead it was made for Bournvita, a malted chocolate drink made by Cadbury, in the 1950s or 60s. This was confirmed when I looked on the base – but see what else it said… See what I mean about everything coming together?! The props were easily found, a doll’s hot water bottle and a candlestick which we found in the loft.

There were lots of late roses around last week – the UK has been very windy and damp since then with severe flooding in places but still mild, so it will be interesting to see what has survived these conditions and made it into your vases. Beyond the UK the weather will have been even more variable and seeing vases from across the world on a Monday always brings unexpected delights – so don’t forget to leave links to and from this post so that we can share your pleasure.

‘Night ‘night, sleep tight, sweet dreams…



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63 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: And So to Bed

  1. Ann Edwards Photography says:

    indeed everything came together perfectly! I love the soft colour of ‘Sweet Dreams’ with the added texture of the additions you found in your garden. Here is my link –

  2. Noelle says:

    What a great story, and arrangement…such inspired mis en scene. My Princess is just about to go out on the town…

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Nice mix of old and new. Sweet Dreams is a dreamy rose and the rose hips you added are magnificent. I was surprised to find anything beyond camellias for today, but there were several little things.
    Thanks for hosting Cathy!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Susie – I think we are finding surprises every week, whatever the time of year, and can be confident of always having something to put in our vases

  4. Cath says:

    That’s so lovely. What a beautiful colour combination and gorgeous props. My vase is at:

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  6. Your post gives me such a warm glow – I do love your miniatures – that little hot-water bottle – so snuggly. Here’s mine, a very different palette:

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  8. Cathy says:

    I really love the roses and rose hips together Cathy, and what a wonderfully appropriate choice of props! I remember Bournvita – was it the same company that made bournville chocolate? My vase is quite festive this time, and we had sunshine for the photos too! 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy – yes, the original Cadbury factory was in Bournville, Birmingham, a ‘model’ village built for employees of the company, and Bournville was the name given to the dark chocolate

  9. Oh what a lovely surprise to see these gorgeous rose blooms Cathy…love that the cup fit right in with the rest of the theme….it seems my vases are serendipitous as well to some degree. Hope you enjoy my post:

  10. I love the combination and especially the hips, thought they were poppies seed at first. Here is my vase.

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  12. And a dreamy arrangement it is! We’ve had many frosty days and nights and snow so the pickings are slim to none in my garden. But I came up with a “display.” It’s here:

  13. johnvic8 says:

    You have so much more than I from which to choose. Very refreshing for this time of year. Thanks.

  14. Annette says:

    beautiful colours, a bit boudoir like, hope you won’t need the hot water bottle for a while yet. very mild here too so still got time before hibernating 😉

    • Cathy says:

      I see what you mean about the boudoir effect, Annette 🙂 Never one for hot bottles myself – I am toasty enough without! ps read your article having bought the magazine especially. Good to have the bigger picture – well done you for all you have been achieving recently 🙂

  15. It is incredible how many flowers are in the gardens at this time of the year. The colours of your arrangement are so beautiful! My vase is here:

  16. FlowerAlley says:

    Lovely combination as usual. You are the Queen of the Vase.
    My tiny vase is at:

  17. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Your vase is wonderful! How cool that your theme came together so well. Love it! My vase is here:

  18. A gorgeous way to start the week, the apricot color is such a wonderful visual treat.

  19. Kris P says:

    Your theme couldn’t have come together more perfectly, Cathy! I love those apricot roses. My vase can be found here:

  20. homeslip says:

    Sweet dreams indeed. Just right for this hibernating time of year. Your roses are so pretty and not at all windswept and I love how you’ve combined them with seedheads and hips, the whole arrangement is very lovely. I was inspired to use a prop or two (!) today, just for scale you understand, but then one thing led to another as so often happens on my kitchen table on Monday morning.
    Here is my link:–flower//

    • Cathy says:

      Sorry for a delayed response – your comment did not appear in my notifications and I missed it. I have no idea why that sometimes happens despite googling to try and find out 😦 The buds of Sweet Dreams had only just opened but they are only about an inch and a half across and can probably stand up to the wind where they are.

  21. Christina says:

    Lovely colour roses, Cathy and I love the title and props! I’ve only just arrived home so I’ll aim to make one tomorrow; I did arrive home to find the arrangement that I’d made before I went away was looking surprisingly good only the Tithonia had died but the grass and Rudbeckia still looked very fresh.

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  23. Julie says:

    Beautiful roses again Cathy – I have had another flush of a tiny pink rose – this is the latest I think I have had roses blooming. I am re reading A Christmas Carol at the moment and your lovely old candle stick reminds me of one Scrooge would have carried as he walked about his dark house just before he encountered Marley’s ghost. Looking at the base of your mug I can see that this week your vase was destined to happen!!

    My contribution this week is at:

  24. Caro says:

    Hi Cathy, thanks for popping over to read my review of Georgie Newbery’s book on Wedding Flowers. I’ve been aware of your Monday Vase meme for a while now (as you can tell in my review!) and really admire the way you’ve inspired so many people to put together lovely arrangements, and to a Monday deadline. I’d love to join in but am never organised enough to have enough flowers or to photograph them on time as I always seem to be working in the garden late in the day. It doesn’t stop me enjoying everyone else’s vases though! I hope you find Georgie’s book useful if get hold of a copy – I’m sure it will give you lots of ideas for your daughter’s big day. Caro x

  25. Brian Skeys says:

    I do like the mug, the roses are enjoying this mild Autumn. I confess to being a Horlicks and electric blanket fan!

  26. Hannah says:

    Your roses are such a pretty color, your climate must be so mild to continue sheltering lovely roses. With the seedheads and drowsy mug, hot water bottle and candle, they give me a warm feeling of a long winter’s nap. My link is-

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  28. rickii says:

    I do admire the way you tell a story with almost every vase. No stories with mine:

    • Cathy says:

      That’s definitely one of the joys of creating the vase – and perhaps justifies some of the ‘clutter’ in the house…?! 😉

  29. Eliza Waters says:

    It’s enjoyable watching you pull a vase and theme together – you really have a knack for it! The apricot roses are sweet indeed. My holiday upgrades. 🙂

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  31. Amy says:

    Just love your theme for this one – and the props! (I love candlesticks!) It’s fantastic to see those dainty roses going on into winter unfazed; I hope you’re not getting too much damage from the weather… Happily, but more to be expected, there are some roses here as well, a few of which made it into this week’s… shall we say, miniseries…?!

  32. Anna says:

    Oh what a perfectly themed vase Cathy which has made me quite mellow and sleepy just looking at it. I have the same colour adult version of that hot water bottle.

  33. Isn’t it surprising all these lovely roses still in bloom at this time of year? Amazing! “Sweet Dreams” is such a beautiful rose.

  34. Chloris says:

    A very suitable theme for December when the garden has been tucked up for the winter. It is amazing how nice and fresh the roses look for December. You never cease to amaze me with your props. Who but you has a doll’ s hot water bottle just when they need it?

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