Map of The Garden Version 1


25 Responses to Map of The Garden Version 1

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  7. garden98110 says:

    Hello. We have not ever seen a comment section with only pingbacks. Please excuse us if we are breaking protocol for etiquette. Just wanted to say that your garden plan is sweet. In cooperation with your plants, you have made a place for everything. And in the fullness of time, everything becomes visible. Thank you for sharing this vision. – The Healing Garden gardener

    • Cathy says:

      Oh – no protocol involved! I suppose I link to it often myself and people who have commented on it have done so on the post it was linked to. Thank you for your kind words – it is good to see it beginning to come together. This time two years ago I just had rough ideas for the bottom end that I was revamping, and wasn’t at all sure which way it would go until it got started. Thanks for joining me on my rambles

  8. annette2121 says:

    I think this plan is a brilliant idea. I do like to know exactly where everything fits in and it can get very confusing just looking at photos even with good descriptions.
    I think this should be obligatory for any gardening blog. Do you mind if I copy the idea – that is if I can get someone else to do the plan for me – I am rather more left-brained than right-brained and would never get it right!

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Annette – there is nowhere I can take a photograph of the ‘long view’ because of the shape of the garden and the way the house is, so it made sense to create a map like this. I have always appreciated relating photos of a garden to a map, so I am glad you are finding it helpful too. I started with a scale map we had from the Land Registry when we bought the property and although we have some aerial photos they are from a few years ago so the layout was roughly sketched onto the plan by eye. You might find Google Maps helpful if there is a clear view of your own house – do let me know how you get on, and perhaps have go yourself before you enlist help…?

      • annette2121 says:

        Google Maps and the Site plan both sound good starting points. Thanks for advice – I will give it a bash.
        I also have to think up good names for the different planting areas so I can refer to them easily. I guess these things develop over time….

        • Cathy says:

          When I started blogging it was quite reassuring to hear other people using informal names for different parts of the garden – the names we use when talking about them to our family – it makes it easier to call them the names we have always called them by, even if it means things like the ‘ex D*****’s Plant border’!!

  9. garden98110 says:

    Our Healing Garden began with a prehisoric East Asian plan. The Garden was welcomed in a ceremony by an Elder Tribeswoman of our indigenous peoples. Then, the Healing Garden blog became a gardening journal, and a way to shelter the Garden. Here, in our Garden, there is great excitement as we approach our own pencil and watercolor design. It is one thing to honor our gardens and their plant denizens with digital snaps. It is another matter all together to cherish these living outlines with our hands and eyes into a portrait plan. A very natural and individual way for each of us to recognize our devotion to our plants – and capture a different perspective of their devotion for us. It is a healing thing to bring out the artist in us all. Thank our plants. – The Healing Garden gardener

    • Cathy says:

      What a profound comment – thank you so much for sharing this and the background to your garden and your blog. I too give grateful thanks for my garden and all the plants within it.

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  12. garden98110 says:

    This map looks charmingly updated. A work of Garden Art in itself and inspiring. Thank you for this pleasant image. — THGg

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