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With each Ray of sun, Each small Mercurial rise, Each drop Of gentler rain Another bud appears And swells, Another leaf bursts out, Unfurls. Stems push higher Skywards Every day, When light And dark meet As equals, When Spring Makes … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day: King Alfred

Scraps of blue Vanish in an instant, White hues fade In seconds Through shades Of grey Like unwashed sheets. Wet spots Merge, Forming damp spears- Searing streaks That bounce off Rock and path and window Before freezing Way beyond And returning … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I Think

Yesterday, I think, I smelt the spring – Not full-blown Heady Spring aroma, But just a gentle Hint, Carried on the breeze, In the timid warmth Of the March sun, In the eager Chatter Of sparrow and tit, In the … Continue reading

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