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In a Vase on Monday: A Delicate Matter

As a change from brash and bright dahlias, I am delighted to have a more delicate vase to share with you this week. As well as the Winter Sunshine sweet peas I usually sow a more ordinary mix, sowing both … Continue reading

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January Blooms and Thoughts of Compost

The value of winter blooms cannot be overestimated, although this year there are no waifs and strays to join them from milder days as there often is. The witch hazels continue to form the mainstay of colour in January, with … Continue reading

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If I Were a Sunflower….

For the first time ever I seem to have achieved some success with sunflowers – admittedly there were a few that managed to reach flowering stage last year, but that was by luck rather than judgement as invariably the young … Continue reading

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After the Ball is Over

Fellow blogger Chloris recently commented about the deflation felt now that June’s wonderful flush of roses is largely over – walking through our humble rose garden here is certainly not the same experience it was a few weeks ago, although … Continue reading

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Living and Breathing

Opening the greenhouse door this morning I was greeted with the sight of hundreds of pearly drops hanging from the tomato leaves, pearly drops that were neither from watering nor condensation from the roof, but purely the result of overnight … Continue reading

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Word-Whittled Wednesday

The Golfer and I will be keeping a low profile tonight and not offering witches fingers to any prospective trick or treaters, unlike Hillwards‘ brilliant creations, but I thought it appropriate to show off our one and only pumpkin. It … Continue reading

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