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An Open and Closed Case

I am not referring to the recent suspicious cases of fritillary chomping, tulip beheading or even the newest crime of polyanthus pecking, but to the daily opening and closing of many of the current blooms according to the sun. The … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers

As I rambled this morning, and sat (yes, I did make time to sit) and admired, I found my mind inundated with lots of questions but only a few answers. For example, how quickly would the Clematis x jouiniana  ‘Praecox’ get out … Continue reading

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The Promised Land

After a bitterly cold night the day soon warmed up and the 5 or 6°C felt much warmer than it actually was because of the contrast with the last few days. It was warm enough for the snowdrops to flash … Continue reading

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