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Garden Bloggers Blooms Day: Still Going Strong

What’s still going strong? The two big aluminium ice cream containers with the bargain Aldi plants certainly are, having flowered continuously for nearly 4 months and with only an occasional dead heading of the petunias – these have far and … Continue reading

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Fruits of My Labour

Expecting more rain, I went out straight after breakfast to pick raspberries and loganberries and decided to cut back the fruiting canes later that morning. There are many loganberries still on the canes, but mostly past their best and unpicked … Continue reading

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The Last Shall be First

The last wet few days have meant I could concentrate on my test paper marking, but still with occasional rambles to restore my soul. I braved the afternoon’s dampness yesterday to venture down to the greenhouse, where I was as … Continue reading

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It Matters Not How Strait the Gate

This lychgate will be perfectly ‘strait’, however, as it was thrown together by the Golfer in about five minutes yesterday, and his construction is always impeccably accurate. The previous version was built with rustic poles but had gradually become increasingly rustic, and a … Continue reading

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The Contraption

Janet at Plantaliscious has talked about her conservatory-that-isn’t today, and the seed sowing she has begun. Like her, I don’t usually sow seeds as early as February, and used to be pretty pleased if I got them sown by Easter, whether it fell … Continue reading

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