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Six on Saturday: Blossom and Bees

We are enjoying an unusually hot Easter weekend in the UK, but we are not the only ones to enjoy it – apple blossom of all sorts is revelling in the sunshine too, with crab apple ‘Royalty’ above, crab apple … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: It All Begins Again

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Housing Crisis

That batch of seeds I showed yesterday has duly been sown (although the RHS ones are still unsorted), leaving me with a bit of a housing crisis. Despite mostly only sowing half-packets, for the first time realising the sense in … Continue reading

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Only a (seedy) Gardener…

… would get excited about coloured envelopes containing dried vegetable matter, and especially excited because it is the first of March and she can start sowing another batch of seeds….. as if the date really matters that much. But gardeners … Continue reading

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She is Amazed

  After a few early starters seed sowing has continued apace during February – and I continue to be amazed at how quickly these humble and unassuming little dry seeds jump to attention and sprout their first green shoots. Like … Continue reading

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A Compromise

A compromise has been decided on, and some of Christmas Carol’s leaves have been trimmed – you can see from the pile that they are indeed perfectly healthy and perhaps appreciate why I was so reluctant to remove them. It … Continue reading

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A Positive Start

After a fortnight of negative overnight temperatures the longer daytime sunny spells and gradually increasing warmth finally led to a positive temperature to start the day this morning. It’s not every year we would be so well pleased to see daytime temperatures … Continue reading

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Car Booty

Having been deprived of car boot sales for a number of months we braved the cold today, not envying any stallholders who were faced with standing at their boots all morning. Theoretically we had the warmer option of walking round … Continue reading

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A Seedy Business

I spent some time on Friday sowing the rest of my seeds that could be planted in March, bringing ‘the contraption’ into use again in the kitchen. I had forgotten that some had to be soaked overnight which meant that sowing of sweet peas, … Continue reading

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Seeds of Success (maybe!)

Anna at Green Tapestry has apologised in her post today for focussing on snowdrops again, and I too was going to start with an apology (but not for mentioning snowdrops – or ‘Harry’ – not this time, anyway!): for being so enthusiastic … Continue reading

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