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A Frosty Reception

December wakes up, Caught napping By its mild Mannered Predecessors. Prepared to lament Long lost spring beauties, Summer’s gaieties And autumns Reds and russets, Suddenly There is no need. The stark bones And piercing blue sky Highlight different joys – … Continue reading

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The Philosopher’s Puzzle

At dusk – Or later – The garden is A different place, Or so it seems. The sights, The smells, The sounds, The feel of it, Are different, Our senses heightened By the stillness And the grey-black palette. Shapes, Silhouetted … Continue reading

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Mum’s the Word

I mentioned some time ago that I was looking into using the Blurb photo book format to make a physical copy of my blog for ready reference. Apparently Blurb enables the direct import of blogs – which it does, but … Continue reading

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Golden Moments

The low-slung autumn sun, Distant but valiant, Casts a gentle Golden glow On tree And hedge And bush. Exhausted leaves, Slipping quietly Into their dotage, Stir and find Their yellows, browns and oranges Are burnished And transformed To bronzes, coppers, … Continue reading

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Lifting the Lid

Casual glances Touched with hope Give way to Method. Lifting a leaf, Scraping through Leaf litter On the woodland floor. Expectation mounts. Snow thaws. Rain falls. Sunshine warms. Shoots push through And (seemingly) Overnight Buds open, Displaying frilled Petticoats, dancers … Continue reading

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Like a faded film star Autumn visits our gardens. Snapshots Show her gliding silently Through familiar film sets, A flash of brave colour Amidst the drooping backdrops. Smiling wistfully She remembers past glories, The decadence of younger days. Meanwhile The … Continue reading

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