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Garden Bloggers Foliage Day: Skeletons in the Cupboard

This week has seen a very rapid change in foliage around the garden, from trees shedding their leaves overnight and the gradual emergence of their skeletal structure (so obvious a feature on the wisteria trained across the gable end of … Continue reading

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Decision Made

One decision, anyway, and that is that the Parottia persica can stay where it is – having looked in my books I see that it can grow upwards of 50 feet tall, and having nowhere suitable for another tree of … Continue reading

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Contemplating Corners

Reminding myself of all the Curious Corners and Forgotten Follies in the garden the other day has inevitably sown a few seeds in my brain as potential improvements begin hatching, almost immediately. The curious corner on the right was photographed … Continue reading

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Autumn Bliss

After our Calke Abbey walk yesterday through trees that were still almost wholly green, I had a brief shock when I walked past the open door of a room (not at home) today and saw what looked like a red leafy curtain at … Continue reading

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