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In a Vase on Monday: Wanted, Dead or Alive!

Torrential rain during parts of Saturday night and an uncertainly grey Sunday seemed likely to thwart chances of continuing with the Project yesterday, and a sudden return of the rain drove me inside to find drier activities. On a whim, … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Lace and Fineness

As in recent weeks, in this period of floral abundance, the decision on what to include in today’s vase was made some days ago although there was still the choice of rose to make this morning. The title was there … Continue reading

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Nip and Tuck

I have become aware over the last few months that the garden will increasingly need regular maintenance to curb its exuberance as it matures whereas I will need greater discipline to restrict what I would like to add to it. … Continue reading

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You Are Mistaken, Thomas Hood!

The weather forecast having just indicated that there would be little chance of seeing the sun yesterday I was taken aback to then hear a reference on the radio yesterday to the poem ‘November’, by Thomas Hood – ‘No sun…. … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers Foliage Day: Skeletons in the Cupboard

This week has seen a very rapid change in foliage around the garden, from trees shedding their leaves overnight and the gradual emergence of their skeletal structure (so obvious a feature on the wisteria trained across the gable end of … Continue reading

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GBFD: Feeling Frustrated Following Foliage Fotography

Thanks to Christina for hosting the monthly bloggers Foliage Day, for which I am a day late. It is always fascinating to see the foliage featured in other gardens, so do follow the link and look round some other gardens. … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Snowy Day

We awoke to find no further snow outside,¬† and today the garden has gently slumbered under its soft white blanket, throwing up all sorts of unusual shapes and lumps and bumps in places, but revealing green and brown limbs in … Continue reading

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