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In a Vase on Monday: Short Changed and Blue

Such a simply put together vase was not my intention for today; however, using these hyacinths, my 10p each bargains from a month ago, was. Purchased and planted on 17th December, I think they were a little confused about the … Continue reading

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Wills and Ways

The large box of Peter Nyssen bulbs still looks at me accusingly every day, even though I have sorted it into batches of tulips/alliums/others and have ten pretty hyacinth vases tucked away in a dark cupboard, each with a sleepy … Continue reading

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Those Two Imposters

Well, the ‘Blue Star’ hyacinths are hardly a Triumph, but the white ‘L’Innocence’ are definitely a Disaster (of unmitigated proportion), and to be honest, despite faithfully shutting away the vases and their hyacinth contents for an appropriate time every year … Continue reading

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Mass Breakout!

Catching a glimpse of my post for January 1st, showing the progress of one of my prepared hyacinths, prompted me to check again – and it’s a good job I did as there was evidence of a mass breakout of … Continue reading

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Vases not Buckets

I collected together my hyacinth vases yesterday and started off some prepared ‘Blue Star’ and ‘L’Innocence’ hyacinths from Peter Nyssen. I have started putting chippings in the base of the vases in recent years as they can become top heavy and unstable, … Continue reading

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