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Wills and Ways

The large box of Peter Nyssen bulbs still looks at me accusingly every day, even though I have sorted it into batches of tulips/alliums/others and have ten pretty hyacinth vases tucked away in a dark cupboard, each with a sleepy … Continue reading

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Two Big Surprises and No Regrets

There are certainly no regrets about that selective snipping of leaves from Helleborus niger ‘Christmas Carol’, as she has responded by singing a completely different song, her pure white flowers lifting to the sky and belting out their new melody. … Continue reading

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A Compromise

A compromise has been decided on, and some of Christmas Carol’s leaves have been trimmed – you can see from the pile that they are indeed perfectly healthy and perhaps appreciate why I was so reluctant to remove them. It … Continue reading

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No Witch Hazels Were Harmed in the Production

I would love to be able to say that I met this unnamed hellebore face-to-face, but alas no – that would have entailed lying down on a cushion of emerging snowdrops in the woodland edge border and burying my chin … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Keeping it Simple

Today’s vase was definitely a case of ‘plonking’, although I did have to wash the dust off the four little inkwells before I used them – we have such a lot of what some people might call ‘clutter’ that it … Continue reading

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Short but Beautiful

His eyesight not being as it was, if the Golfer was reading this post (which he won’t be) he might think I was writing about myself 🙂 but no, it happens to be the shortest day of the year today … Continue reading

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