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In a Vase on Monday: Anticipation

I am pretty good at delayed gratification and could easily have been one of those children in the famed psychology test who could safely resist the challenge of being left alone with a marshmallow with the promise of a larger … Continue reading

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Having written a list of  ‘jobs’ that needed to be done in the garden, mostly of the ‘move this’, ‘tidy that’ type, I didn’t let yesterday’s rain get in the way – it was never heavy here, just persistent, but … Continue reading

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Tree Watch: Not Just White

On the 7th of each month Lucy hosts a tree watching meme on her Loose and Leafy blog. Although some bloggers have changed the trees they were observing after the first year I am sticking with my little witch hazel, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Karma Chameleon

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