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Wordless Wednesday: Pure

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Belated Birthday Present

I spent a happy afternoon in the greenhouse today, pricking out and potting on most of the seedlings which were still in trays, restricting myself to 10 of each plant and wondering whether I could bring myself to compost the … Continue reading

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Only a (seedy) Gardener…

… would get excited about coloured envelopes containing dried vegetable matter, and especially excited because it is the first of March and she can start sowing another batch of seeds….. as if the date really matters that much. But gardeners … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Confessional

Helen at Patient Gardener recently began posting about her greenhouse which seems to have triggered a bit of a pseudo-meme: perhaps we all now feel a little more confident baring all, knowing we are amongst blogging friends. Above is the … Continue reading

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She is Amazed

  After a few early starters seed sowing has continued apace during February – and I continue to be amazed at how quickly these humble and unassuming little dry seeds jump to attention and sprout their first green shoots. Like … Continue reading

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Decisions Pending

Despite initial thoughts on the wisdom of the rapid appearance of new shoots and leaves around the garden – in this case, from left to right and top to bottom, crocus (with ubiquitous and unwelcome seed pods from next door’s … Continue reading

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Goody Goody Yum Yum

Although the raspberries and loganberries can be just weighed and emptied straight into a freezing tray (saving enough for  few days’ addition to my breakfasts), it took a little time to pick over the blackcurrants that were harvested yesterday, removing … Continue reading

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Partly because of our impending few days away at my Mum’s and partly because of my recent acquisition of tomato and pepper plants from the Golfer’s Friend I have been looking again at the contents of the greenhouse. The latter … Continue reading

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A Positive Start

After a fortnight of negative overnight temperatures the longer daytime sunny spells and gradually increasing warmth finally led to a positive temperature to start the day this morning. It’s not every year we would be so well pleased to see daytime temperatures … Continue reading

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True Grit

I managed to buy some ‘horticultural grit’ from another nearby garden centre yesterday, so was able to fill the gravel trays in the greenhouse – shown here with some overwintering penstemon (bargain plugs from Hayloft). The trays have been in … Continue reading

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