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Six on Saturday: Brrr!

We had our first proper frost on Wednesday here, as the UK succumbed to some real wintry weather, with sunny days and blue skies followed by nights below freezing. Not unexpectedly, Scotland has had the worst of it, with snow … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Seasonal Stuff

With our first proper frost just over a week ago there have been some dramatically seasonal changes in the garden, with any remaining leaves on the witch hazels quickly changing colour before they too drop off – the one above … Continue reading

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A Frosty Reception

I knew frost was possible this week so, having planted out most of my dahlias a couple of weeks ago, I covered them up on Monday with netting cloches. The weather app on my phone has shown me that the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: the First and the Last

Well, the last will be first for this Six on Saturday post, as temperatures down to minus 2°C last night will sadly have seen off the dahlias for this year. The photograph was taken quite early in the day but … Continue reading

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Pièce de Résistance…?

The weather has not been especially conducive to tasks in the garden this week. Temperatures have remained low, giving our first proper frost on Monday night which immediately put paid to the dahlias; fortunately I had brought the pelargoniums, fuchsias … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Defiant dahlias Poised and erect Vibrantly alive Hold their breath And wait. Pale sunshine Bathes Their anxious hearts But fails To warm, To quell Their fears Of sudden demise. Senses alert, Ears pricked, They wait For the inevitable, When Dr … Continue reading

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A Frosty Reception

December wakes up, Caught napping By its mild Mannered Predecessors. Prepared to lament Long lost spring beauties, Summer’s gaieties And autumns Reds and russets, Suddenly There is no need. The stark bones And piercing blue sky Highlight different joys – … Continue reading

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One Mojo, Safely Returned

After a night of sub-zero temperatures I went out after breakfast with my camera looking for frosty things to photograph, and came back with some lovely examples of frost on heuchera, sedum, geum and various ferns, as well as ice patterns … Continue reading

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A Pinprick of Eternity

Pauline at Lead up the Garden Path recently commented that  before she began  her blog she had never taken as many photographs,  and it’s definitely the same for me. We woke to such beautiful clear blue skies and a distinct whiteness … Continue reading

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