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I Should Be So Lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky….)

This may look like a tangle of leaves to you (ivy, snowdrop, unidentified brown paper), but those brighter paddle shaped leaves in the foreground were a big and very pleasant surprise to me today. Last year, I thought I had … Continue reading

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Swell a Progress, Start a Scene or Two

The longer, warmer days have accelerated the progress of plants in the garden, as well as my own. I am gobsmacked┬áby the rapid germination of seeds in the greenhouse, most of the survivors quickly gaining their first true leaves and … Continue reading

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A Lover’s Offering

When I ventured out yesterday to plant the new arrivals I came across this rose in the woodland edge border, either carelessly discarded or carefully placed by some unseen hand. The stem had been cut, but the rose was perfectly … Continue reading

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