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She Doesn’t Bat an Eyelid

Over the last couple of weeks the plum tree has been reduced to nothing but a stump and a pile of logs, despite there being several days when it was too cold to do anything outside. It is really strange … Continue reading

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A Treesome

… but not a particularly faithful treesome, as the Golfer periodically left me and the magnolia to our own devices and got on with sweet-talking the plum tree instead. Nevertheless, within only a few hours the magnolia was no more, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Ring of Fire

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Is This Clear Enough?

Even though Wordless Wednesday’s post did not have the subtle title I often give my posts, it obviously left people thinking I have a very strange taste in earrings instead of the tasteful creations they always are – shows how … Continue reading

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…and Time Moves On

Needless to say, ever since time briefly stopped still on Tuesday and my mind went into overdrive thoughts of this corner of the garden have never been far from my mind, as possibilities and permutations flit through my consciousness. Frances … Continue reading

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When Time Stood Still….

The cutting, lopping and pruning has continued apace, soon to be joined by shredding now that the shredder has been repaired. I had already begun considering how to enhance the area at the bottom of the woodland and create a … Continue reading

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Garden Bloggers Foliage day: a Different Tack

Thanks to Christina for hosting this monthly meme, which encourages us to notice the foliage in our gardens as well as the blooms and appreciate that foliage is the glue which helps to stick our gardens together. I hope she … Continue reading

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Making up for yesterday’s washout, the Golfer and I have both been hives of activity this afternoon. Determined to tidy up the pots at the side of the house and refill the baskets at the front I tackled the latter … Continue reading

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Good Gardenkeeping

If the garden is an extension of the house then I am sure we can use the term ‘gardenkeeping’ in the same way we talk about housekeeping, and comparing the above picture to yesterday’s you can see that the majority … Continue reading

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Off With the Gorgon’s Head!

Ignoring his bruised/cracked rib the Golfer climbed the ladder again today and cut back more of the recalcitrant cherry. As he sliced it into manageable sections with the chainsaw I happened to walk past when he was holding a chunk … Continue reading

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