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The Wayward Rector and the ‘Dirty Lavender’* Beauty

* with apologies to Annette and Anna….. you know I love her just as much as you do! This is the third consecutive year that the Rector (rambling rose ‘Rambling Rector’) has been systematically and severely dealt with, but he … Continue reading

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A Fonder Heart

As always, it was a joy to be back home on Thursday after my few days away, not that absence could make the heart any fonder than it already is of course! Despite being ready for an afternoon nap after … Continue reading

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A Bit Flushed

Wow! That collage might fool you into thinking the garden is full of roses at the moment, but it’s an illusion – although many are having a second flush or have continued flowering off and on throughout, which is of … Continue reading

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Fruits of My Labour

Expecting more rain, I went out straight after breakfast to pick raspberries and loganberries and decided to cut back the fruiting canes later that morning. There are many loganberries still on the canes, but mostly past their best and unpicked … Continue reading

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