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In a Vase (Pot) on Monday: Great Expectations

Having my head full of snowdrops in recent rambles suggested that snowdrops perhaps ought to feature in a vase on Monday – not that I would pick any of my specials (Heaven forbid!), or even risk digging them up and … Continue reading

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Home Again, Home Again to Find a Fat Hog

Making a detour for another visit on the way home today meant it was getting dark by the time we got back (unlike the lighter nights at my Mum’s), meaning that taking today’s photographs would be difficult. A very rapid … Continue reading

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Mixed Blessings

The laburnum, of which there are two or three, is growing along our hedge line, almost directly outside our back window, resulting in wind blown heaps of yellow petals for several weeks, numerous seed pods later in the year and in … Continue reading

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Seat of Learning

I needn’t have worried about last year’s planting of ‘Tête-à-Tête’ near the stream, and whether those planted in the grass were going to struggle to get through the new turf that had been laid on top of them – if … Continue reading

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Made for Walking, but not in the Garden

We gardening bloggers are clearly well-rounded individuals and not completely obsessed by our gardens as my favourite blogs have included all sorts of creative things recently from corduroy pinafores and rugs (Hillwards), interesting Scandinavian culinary adventures (Croft Garden) and wreaths … Continue reading

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Tuppence a bag

…not! In fact it was more than £50 for this little lot, but if it keeps the chucks happy and brings more birdlife to the garden then it’s worth it. The layers pellets will last about a month but the peanuts will keep … Continue reading

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The Golfing Beaver

Whilst I have been sitting with my feet up feigning under-the-weatherness The Golfer has continued to be as industrious as ever, beavering away at things that need to be done. The chickens now have their lean-to or chicken port, although there … Continue reading

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A Port for a Storm

Although we had less rain than some parts of the country last month the ground in the chucks’ enclosure has become increasingly waterlogged and we come back six inches taller every time we pay them a visit to get them … Continue reading

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