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In and Out the Scottish (um, English) Blubells

Whilst taking photographs for this post I found myself singing the above song* to myself, a song linked to a childhood game/dance that some of you might remember. The song (the version I sang, but I believe some versions talk … Continue reading

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Quote, Unquote

Chloris introduced us to a brilliant quotation the other day: Every spring is the only spring, a perpetual astonishment (Ellis Peters). So perceptive, so true! We know spring is coming as it does reliably every year, tucked in somewhere between … Continue reading

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An Open and Closed Case

I am not referring to the recent suspicious cases of fritillary chomping, tulip beheading or even the newest crime of polyanthus pecking, but to the daily opening and closing of many of the current blooms according to the sun. The … Continue reading

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Blanching at the Idea

Having moved a black sack of shreddings from the woodland where the Golfer had been shredding offcuts from the plum tree a few months ago I was surprised to see some rather shocked and anaemic dandelion shoots hiding underneath it, … Continue reading

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The Long Brown Path Before Me

Like the rest of the garden the woodland is showing increasing evidence of the joys of spring, with primroses in flower and clumps of bluebell and wild garlic building up strength for flowering later. The ferns on the whole retain … Continue reading

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Puzzles and ‘Pologies

The Puzzle first. Why is it that when I post a completely wordless Wednesday I get the highest ever number of visits to the blog? I don’t write the blog for the kudos, but it is always intriguing to look … Continue reading

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