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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Other things precluded spending time in the garden today, but on returning from an afternoon visiting an elderly friend in hospital I thought I would make the effort and actually SIT in the garden with a cup of tea – … Continue reading

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I have realised that yesterday was one of the very rare days when I didn’t have a ramble round the garden, having gone out swimming early then straight out again after breakfast with the Golfer until late afternoon when it … Continue reading

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Fruit Loot

I knew while we were away that picking the rest of our apples ought to be a priority when we got back, particularly being reminded every day when looking out of the window and seeing the laden trees in the … Continue reading

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Autumn is Forgiven

As I scrunched my way to the bottom of the garden this afternoon to forage for some more raspberries, there was a definite hint of dampness in the air with quite a breeze blowing the leaves about and I found … Continue reading

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