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Wordless Wednesday, Sadly without a Blue Backdrop

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Best Blooms in April

Chloris of The Blooming Garden invites us to share our top ten blooms each month although I have to say that I don’t usually count because that might mean excluding something equally praiseworthy. There are certainly no end of delights … Continue reading

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Being a Bit Picky

I shall have to write a list of Cool Jobs to do as the week continues, for both indoors and out it has been exceedingly warm and airless today. Even the birds were subdued, the only sounds in the garden … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven

With my head down looking for stray weeds and new buds I had failed until today to notice that the Amelanchier lamarkiiĀ in the cobbled circle was in full flower and may have been so for a few days. Unlike the … Continue reading

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