In a Vase on Monday: For My Big Girl

We recently had a brief visit from Elder Daughter and The Poppet, all of us trying to cram what we have to do into what seems like so little time. Lovely to see them both, and for her and Younger Daughter and the Popsicle to catch up too. Believe it or not, the Poppet starts school next week! Since she was a teenager, Elder Daughter has had a penchant for yellow roses and amidst everything else I was trying to do I reminded myself of this and picked a few blooms of The Poet’s Wife for the room they were to sleep in, popping them into one of my many stoneware ink bottles along with a tiny fern frond. I know she will have noticed and appreciated the gesture even though there wasn’t time to share such niceties! I too have learned (eventually!) to appreciate yellow roses, and The Poet’s Wife is such a beautiful, floriferous and citrussy-fragrant full-petalled one, typical of the modern English roses that David Austin breeds.

‘Time’ for many things is indeed in short supply, and yet again I shall have to ask you to look after yourselves for this week’s In a Vase on Monday. I may or may not be able to reply to your comments or see your vases but I shall try to catch up where I can; in the meantime, I hope to be posting occasional pictures of pretty gardens for your delectation…

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Beautiful Bodnant




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End of Month View : Biding Our Time

The garden and I seem to be biding our time, just waiting till  we can get together and get on with whatever gardens and gardeners need to do. In a week or so, hopefully, I will be able to get on with the planting out of countless pots of patient plants and replanting of borders and perhaps even consider some of the autumnal tasks that are beginning to tug at my consciousness. In the meantime, here is my garden just at is, at the end of August and a lingering summer. Thank you to Helen the Patient Gardener for hosting this monthly meme.

The paved area and sitooterie from the back of the house

The streamside and shrub border

Shrub border from the other end, from under the apple trees (with trug full of bruised windfalls)

The woodland, with a hint of scaffolding…

A self-sown hazel in the process of being removed, which should bring several hours of increased morning light to the back of the garden and in early evening to the front

Main borders from the bothy – and a new rose arch (Strawberry Hill)

Ground level view of the same – with a new bed of roses to the left (England’s Rose and The Mayflower’)!

Acer griseum and the clematis colonnade

A greatly rejuvenated woodland edge border, thanks to some rain this month


And from the other end

Boldish border

Another boldish border – and it may be the last time you see the inula here…

And the third bold border

Cutting beds

There are other blooms in these cutting beds apart from these oversized cosmos, honest!

Blue and white border, rather tired, like much of the rest of the garden

Rose garden, which should have filled out more by next year

Looking back to the house, with the snowdrop border and its white annuals on the right and Claire Austin roses on the new pergola to the left

The new border at the side of the house, surprisingly bushy after only 4 months

ps apologies for the washed out appearance of the photos, which wasn’t apparent until I came to add them…

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