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Wordless Wednesday: Rochester, the First

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In a Vase on Monday: Sticks and Stones

As promised, temperatures on Sunday, as I write this, have crept above freezing and steady rain is doing what it can to remove the last traces of frost before temperatures continue rising through the night to take us into double … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Keeping Up Appearances

A distinct change in the weather, with temperatures a few degrees above freezing for the first time in 10 or 11 days, permitted a rather less hurried ramble around the garden this morning, giving a better chance of seeing and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Especially in December

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Six on Saturday: Brrr!

We had our first proper frost on Wednesday here, as the UK succumbed to some real wintry weather, with sunny days and blue skies followed by nights below freezing. Not unexpectedly, Scotland has had the worst of it, with snow … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Yet Another Late Monthly View

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Six on Saturday: Glow

Earlier this week, Elder Daughter took me and The Poppet to Glow, the seasonal light installation at RHS Wisley. Those who have visited Wisley may recognise some of the features, albeit seeing them in a completely different way. The installation … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Partial Nudity

As this is a garden blog I can be fairly sure no-one reading this is expecting to find photos of the Golfer or myself cavorting semi-naked around the garden; if so, they would be disappointed, or relieved perhaps, to find … Continue reading

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In the Coop on Saturday: A Few More than Six

Noelle recently asked if I could perhaps show the contents of the Coop and my working greenhouse on Six on Saturday sometime, so today we have the latter. It’s not particularly exciting just now, as even though I aim to … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Going…

…is crab apple Malus ‘Golden Hornet, with its manky rotting yellow crabs… Still here, however, is multi-coloured foliage of witch hazel Hamamelis ‘Ruby Glow’, although most of my other witch hazels are now completely nude: Nerines in the Coop are … Continue reading

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