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In the Coop on Saturday: A Few More than Six

Noelle recently asked if I could perhaps show the contents of the Coop and my working greenhouse on Six on Saturday sometime, so today we have the latter. It’s not particularly exciting just now, as even though I aim to … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Good Grief!

Never in a million years would I expect to see a plump bud on a herbaceous poppy almost halfway through November! Usually flowering in early June, this poppy then dies down disgracefully before producing fresh foliage later in the year, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Going…

…is crab apple Malus ‘Golden Hornet, with its manky rotting yellow crabs… Still here, however, is multi-coloured foliage of witch hazel Hamamelis ‘Ruby Glow’, although most of my other witch hazels are now completely nude: Nerines in the Coop are … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Observations

There is always something worth seeing in this garden, whatever month of the year it is. Observing the small changes not only brings a lot of pleasure but is a meditative process in itself, except on those occasions when inclement … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, Half of Them Pink

During the week I often come across something in the garden that could be featured on Six on Saturday, but then forget it by the time Saturday comes around and find myself scrabbling for contributions. Some of those featured this … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Ticking Off the Jobs

This week I seem to have had more time available to get on with autumnal tasks, and despite an unwritten list there have still been all sorts of things ticked off it, ranging from washing pots and making more chutney, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, Including Some Leftovers

I realised too late last week that I had completely overlooked three things intended for inclusion on last week’s Six on Saturday, the meme hosted by Jon the Propagator; they are all real treats, so how that happened is anybody’s … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday, or Thereabouts

Rather than make a decision on which photograph to exclude from the selection I took for Jon the Propagator’s weekly meme, I have slipped in an extra one – perhaps if I zip quickly through this post no-one will notice…? … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: Busy Between the Blooms

After a few days away at my Mum’s it was good to get back into the garden and get on with the accumulating tasks, as well as catching on the remaining blooms, like climbing rose ‘Crown Princess Margarita’ (above) and … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday: the Brief

Every Saturday Jon the Propagator invites readers of his blog to share six pictures of things in their garden. The brief is simple, and my simple six are brief, starting with a clutch of fluffy seedheads on Clematis ‘Gypsy Queen’, … Continue reading

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