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Six on Saturday: Timetables

With only 3 weeks to go till we open the garden for ‘snowdrops, witch hazels, hellebores and other plants of winter interest’, it is still far from clear what plants of winter interest will be in flower by then. We … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Tom Thumb and the Elegant Lady

Those of you who happened to read my recent Six on Saturday post will have been aware of the ‘spoiler alert’ and guessed I was going to use a fantasy chrysanthemum in today’s vase, a vase which took mere minutes … Continue reading

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In the Coop on Saturday: A Few More than Six

Noelle recently asked if I could perhaps show the contents of the Coop and my working greenhouse on Six on Saturday sometime, so today we have the latter. It’s not particularly exciting just now, as even though I aim to … Continue reading

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Six Signs of Spring on Saturday, and an Anniversary

I missed Six on Saturday last week, running out of time after an afternoon visit to Ashwood Nurseries and John’s Garden there, although in hindsight I could have cobbled something together from the few photos I had taken. You will … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: the Waiting Game

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A Pot Review

Following on from a review of the borders, I thought it would be helpful for me to review this season’s pots, starting with the front of the house, where the summer content of this pair of baskets has remained largely … Continue reading

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(agapanthus plus pot) minus (ceanothus and ground elder) equals X

…where X is a Project. I have always enjoyed working with numbers, especially the logic of algebra and equations, quadratic or otherwise, and studied Maths beyond what was statutorily required at the time. This little project somehow reminded me of … Continue reading

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