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In a Vase on Monday: What Goes Around…

…comes around, and on Friday friends came around for lunch, bringing a nice bottle of wine and a pretty posy of flowers from their garden – so far, so to be expected. Apart from the sedum, though, all the flowers … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Wet Pickings

Yesterday, when these blooms were picked, it rained virtually all day from morning till night – when was the last time that happened? May sometime? The garden was certainly very grateful, as of course was the gardener even though it … Continue reading

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Bowing Down to the Rain God

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At Last Hurrah!

After a couple of months of heat, blue skies and no rain we have finally had a day of welcome coolness, grey skies and RAIN! Yesterday felt damp and there was a little rain, but it was warm and there … Continue reading

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Precious drops

After weeks without, The ground is dry And unforgiving, Plants parched And gasping For relief. Guilty watering Barely Wets their lips; This humanitarian gesture, This act of pity, Is sadly too late For some And it will be The strong … Continue reading

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End of Month View: Nobbut a Sprinkling…

Centrally placed in England as we are, weather systems heading towards us from different directions often peter out before they get here. It may be bitterly cold (minus 6°C at the moment, supposedly feeling like minus 14°) and we may … Continue reading

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A Rumbling Tummy

The sky was hungry. The pressure had been slowly and steadily dropping for 24 hours and the humidity was rising. It began as a low rumble, indistinct at first, but becoming louder and more continuous as the minutes passed. Humidity … Continue reading

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