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In a Vase on Monday: Lime Sorbet

Unflattering Greyness lifts With the gentle Promise of spring. The softer light Reflects kindly On new growth, A sharp contrast Of fresh greens Cleansing the palate Between The sugary pinks Of emerging hellebores. Citrus ivies and cornus, Snowdrops and primmies … Continue reading

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The Unloved

After yesterday’s comments I thought it only fair to show the unloved mahonia in situ – tucked away in the far corner of the woodland and growing to a height of at least 15 feet. When we bought the property … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Not That Old Chestnut!

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She Stoops to Conker

The snow is very much still with us, but a little ragged at the edges as the slightest rise in temperature brings a hint of thaw, although there is now an encroaching rain/snow dilemma as the pressure drops and precipitation is expected. … Continue reading

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Made for Walking, but not in the Garden

We gardening bloggers are clearly well-rounded individuals and not completely obsessed by our gardens as my favourite blogs have included all sorts of creative things recently from corduroy pinafores and rugs (Hillwards), interesting Scandinavian culinary adventures (Croft Garden) and wreaths … Continue reading

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Let Not the Sun Go Down Upon Your Wreath

The bitterness of this December day Nips the fingers As the secateurs nip the holly. Full grown, and fully berried, The holly is victorious over Other trees, bare and leafless, And could indeed demand the crown. The ivy, though, Steers its own … Continue reading

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Quercus Gigantica

I have still have a little work to do on my acorn, mainly sanding and oiling, but I am quite pleased with the result. It didn’t involve quite as much whacking today, and the tutor was able to use his bandsaw … Continue reading

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Chip Off the Old Block

They say that mighty oaks from little acorns grow – well, a mighty acorn is growing from this block of oak, but has involved more than just a few chips! This 2 days of woodcarving tuition from local woodcarver Mike Painter was a … Continue reading

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A Creative Path

(any  daughters, sisters or female friends of mine please close your eyes now…) The pressure has been dropping and what had been a general dampness in the air has turned into a dripping dampness today. I made a token gesture of gardening, sweeping the … Continue reading

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Take a Leaf….

We took advantage of some free tickets for The Craft Show at the NEC today, although the price hike for car parking hardly made them free (now £10 – be warned). I haven’t been before and although there were some … Continue reading

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