Six on Saturday: Clumps

Venturing out despite the rain to take photos for Jim’s Saturday meme on his Garden Ruminations blog, I changed my focus partway through as I was increasingly bowled over by the glorious clumps of perennials around the garden. I have mentioned a massive hellebore previously, now not the only one, and even the dandelions seem to be on steroids! It is not just the size that impresses, but the wonderfully rounded shapes of them too – look at Centaurea ‘Jordy’ above, and the echinops, probably E ‘Blue Globe’, below:

Salvia ‘Purple Rain’ and a bright red Papaver orientalis make a big contribution to one of the bold borders, whilst in the other one sedum, geranium and achillea jostle for space. The latter was grown from seed as A ‘Cassis’ but sadly has proved to be a typically wishy-washy colour and no longer justifies the space it takes, despite its healthiness and bulk.

In the main borders, several astrantias have been bulking up over the years and some, like this one (probably  A ‘Roma’), now make good size clumps, although they do take their time to get there:

Finally, injecting a splash of colour amongst the green, are the ‘bronze’ heucheras under the Acer griseum, having shed their winter overcoats when my back was turned and donned their summer wardrobe instead. It’s no wonder my rambles are getting increasingly slower!

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10 Responses to Six on Saturday: Clumps

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Well the rain is certainly helping to keep everything looking green and healthy.

  2. smallsunnygarden says:

    Those lovely heucheras would indeed stop me in my tracks! 🙂

  3. Heyjude says:

    It’s amazing how quickly the heucheras change from scrappy to happy. I know what you mean about the clumps! The hardy geraniums in particular are growing at an enormous rate of knots. I have two Astrantias that have struggled so I have transplanted them to a sunnier spot this year. They seem to be putting out shoots, but I see that it might be a while yet before I have big healthy clumps!

  4. tzgarden says:

    Everything is so lush and full! So green it almost doesn’t look real.

  5. Really gorgeous Heucheras!!! I’m picturing a leaf, here and there, in a vase on a Monday…😆

  6. Pauline says:

    All the rain has made wonderful growth in your garden, promise of things to come! The Heucheras are looking very happy too.

  7. Sarah Rajkotwala - Author & Spiritual Teacher says:

    Everything looks very lush and green ❤ Great heuchera.

  8. Cathy says:

    I am wondering if you have been spreading around that hellebore feed you told me about! 😉 The growth is truly amazing. It is similar here, but we still have some catching up to do. Although my poppies do have some nice fat buds already. I love your Heucheras. I tend to choose the really dark ones as they seem to cope in sun better, but the oranges are very appealing.

  9. tonytomeo says:

    Such vigorous clumps are so satisfying after winter. Our winters are famously mild, although this winter was exceptionally wintry. I sort of get it though, just because I see pictures of regeneration in spring from so many other climates.

  10. Spring is such a gift. Everything looks lush and inviting.

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