In a Vase on Monday: Making a Splash

Both daffodils and hyacinths can make a big splash of colour in our early spring gardens, daffodils with their bright cheeriness, even on a dull day, and hyacinths because of the very strength and depth of their colour. The hyacinths are probably ‘Delft Blue’ and are remnants of indoor pots from previous years – one of these days the garden will be chocabloc with hyacinths like this, and it would be a shame to compost them. The daffodils are from a clump that was the sole survivor from bulbs planted under the apple trees around 20 years ago. With their distinctive pale creamy yellow and darker rim to the trumpet, I could probably work out what variety they are. Since then, the only ones I grow outside are the shorter varieties like Tête-à-Tête.

Choosing the vase for today’s post put me in mind of a goldfish bowl; lacking a goldfish to jump out of the vase as a prop I have included a tiny yellow duck instead, which could serve the same purpose. The duck was one of a family of similarly tiny ducks purchased to swim around in our little pond-in-a-bowl; sadly, the fact they all have a ‘quack’ means they take in water and don’t swim for long before turning up their tails, and I still look out for replacements which are better swimmers. In the meantime, I have one with a stick up its backside (sorry!), secured in one of the pots of pond plants and having a prolonged rest from swimming.

You may be interested to know that the hellebore vase from two weeks ago looks just as fetching as it did then, and not only has the plant has gone up considerably in my estimation since then but it has also been the focal point of several other little posies.

If you would like to join us with a Monday vase of your own, filled with pickings from your garden or nearby, then please do so by leaving the usual links to and from this post.

I mentioned last week that I would be hosting another virtual get-together on Zoom on Sunday 16th April, and can now confirm this will take place at 17.00 GMT+1. If you would like to join us please email me.


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29 Responses to In a Vase on Monday: Making a Splash

  1. What a happy vase!

  2. Horticat says:

    That’s a lovely pale coloured daff, Cathy and your hellebores look as good as the day you picked them! Amazing.

    I have somewhat of a ‘mega IAVOM post’ this week, after not participating for a while:

    • Cathy says:

      I have often siad this particular hellebore is almost too floriferous, but it has clusters of blooms on one oe stem and these stems are chunkier and seem to cope with being cut for a vase, which is great! A mega IAVOM post sounds intriguing…!

  3. Noelle says:

    It is certainly a week for the yellow and blues, they certainly make a great splash. Here are mine:

  4. pbmgarden says:

    Your hyacinths and daffodils are spring lovelies and their colors work so well together. Having missed last week I’m happy to share a contributions this week. Thanks for hosting Cathy. Looking forward to the get-together on Zoom.

    In A Vase On Monday – Branches And Iris

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Susie – I am enjoying the fragrance of the hyacinths too, which took me by suprise when I came downstairs this morning!

  5. Hi Cathy. The deep blue of the Hyacinth is wonderful and chockablock in the garden sounds great. I am still laughing about the ducks. Cheers from South Florida.

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  7. Cathy says:

    The pale daffodils and the deep blue of the hyacinths are such a lovely combination Cathy. And you have found the perfect prop again with your duckling! Look forward to the zoom meeting again. 😃 Here are my spring offerings for today:

    In a Vase on Monday: Spring Flurries

    • Cathy says:

      At least the duckling has been useful for something – I tried all sorts of different ways to keep it floating but they all failed apart from the stick trick…😉

  8. Kris P says:

    We went for the same color scheme this week, Cathy, although I’m missing the cute little duck. I had one once but I’ve no idea what happened to it. The idea of having a garden full of hyacinths is something I can only imagine. Thanks for hosting and here’s my post:

    • Cathy says:

      Haha – I certainly don’t aspire to a garden full of hyacinths and they never look the same when grown outside, but for the time being I will continue to replanted my potted each spring. Lots of blue and yellow in vases this week Kris, which must surely tell us something!

  9. Rosie Amber says:

    Good colour combo.

  10. bcparkison says:

    I love blue and yellow together and always think of a French kitchen …I’ll be looking up you email and hope to join in . Things should be popping by then.

  11. bcparkison says:

    Count me in. Not sure this is the right place but we will see. Beverly

    • Cathy says:

      As yours is a WP blog you should be able to find it if you look at comments under ‘My Site’ at the top left – but I have noted that you wish to join us. It is just helpful for me to have all the email addresses ready in my inbox

  12. tonytomeo says:

    Delft Blue is an old cultivar. I remember it from when we were in school during the late 1980s. At the time, fewer cultivars were available, with perhaps one for each of the basic colors, except for two shades of blue. Carnegie = white, City of Haarlem = yellow, Gypsy Queen = (pastel) orange, Jan Bos = red, Purple Sensation = purple, Blue Jacket = blue. Delft Blue is of course a lighter blue. I remember when variegated cultivars became available, but I do not remember their names. Woodstock is awesome in purplish burgundy red, or whatever color that is.

    • Cathy says:

      Interesting that are not as many cultivars as there are with some bulbs. I look Woodstock, but a variegated cultivar doesn’t appeal at all!

      • tonytomeo says:

        There are many more now than there were then. I can not keep up with what is available. However, the older cultivars are still my favorite, and as you mention, variegated seems a bit less appealing. I think it is a bit too fancy.

  13. Anna says:

    A winning duo Cathy and that little duck completes the scene. We had at least one many moons ago floating in a water barrel feature outside the front door but like yours swimming proved to be a challenge 😢

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