In a Vase on Monday: Blue Spike

One of the oddities thrown up by our unusually mild November (2.5°C warmer than usual, I believe) is a perfect spike of delphinium. When I moved the delphinium (D ‘Cameliard’) to a different part of the blue & white border a couple of years ago I split it into two, planting the other half in one of the ‘bold’ borders. Despite cutting spikes back after flowering, I have never had a second flush of blooms until this year, with one of the divisions throwing up a new flowering spike at the beginning of October and the other at this even more unseasonal end of November.

With December heading our way in less than a week and unknown weather conditions alongside it, there is no guarantee that the buds would fully open outside, so I have taken the plunge and cut it for today’s vase. Rather than lose the buds on the lower side shoots it was placed in a shallow blue glass dish, held in place with a metal frog in the central indentation. Keeping the elongated line of delphinium, it has been paired with a long-stemmed leaf of useful Arum italicum ‘Marmoratum’ and a sprig of Pittosporum ‘Gold Star’ added at their feet before disguising the frog with some moss plucked from a wall. Mirroring the blue spike of delphinium is a blue quartz crystal point. Like all quartz, this is believed to cleanse and enhance the body on all levels, and attune to spirituality.

It was joy to be able to include a flower in today’s vase, as my giveaway posies to friends are increasingly foliage-based. However, IAVOM does not necessarily require blooms so if you would like to join us with any material found in your garden or foraged nearby then please do so, by leaving the usual links.

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  1. Noelle says:

    The Delphinium definitely deserves to be in a vase today, and I do like the foliage you have chosen. That little blue Quartz crystal is the perfect prop in many ways. Here is my Monday morning vase:

    • Cathy says:

      IThanks Noelle – I tend to forget about this pittosporum, which is in the Coop Corner, but it has such nice bright green crinkly foliage

  2. Anna says:

    Oh it looks as if the temperatures will be dropping as the week goes on Cathy so a wise move to rescue that delphinium flower from the jaws of frost. It looks a beauty. The foliage is most fitting as is your choice of the blue quartz. Blue is such a calming colour. Just a single stem from me today here :

    • Cathy says:

      Must check the temperatures, Anna, as I haven’t set the g/h heaters up yet, but I am only going to keep them just above freezing this year. I was really pleased to be able to pair the blue quartz with the delphinium – the perfect prop, possibly

  3. This is Ikebana inspired elegance. I hope the Delphinium flowers open for you. Blue flowers are one of my many favorites as are quartz crystals. I have several, though not one as deeply colored as yours. It is a bit too warm here as well.

  4. Kris P says:

    I’ve had Delphiniums produce a second flush but never anything this late in the season, even though my climate is arguably warmer than yours. I hope those little florets open but the bloom spike is pretty as it is too. I also have an unusual flurry of bloom to share this week:

  5. I had a rogue late delph too Cathy! And I saw some snowdrops in bloom in a churchyard yesterday! Here is a little IAVOM from me:

  6. bcparkison says:

    Use what you have sure works here. Nice work.

  7. tonytomeo says:

    Is Arum italicum ‘Marmoratum’ grown intentionally, or just naturalized? I have been unable to kill it where it had gotten established, but entire colonies of it sometimes suddenly die out completely and unexpectedly. It grows wild in the forest here.

    • Cathy says:

      I have planted it intentionally in the garden , to naturalie in some of the informal parts, but yes, in the UK it grows naturally in wooded areas too

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  9. Cathy says:

    How lovely to see a Delphinium in November! As you will see from my vase today, I know exactly what a joy it is to find flowers at this time of year! However, your foliage is also very pretty – especially the Arum which I have admired before. Here’s my link. Thanks Cathy!

    In a Vase on Monday: Rays of Sunshine

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks Cathy, I always miss the arum foliage in the summer, as it is so useful for adding to vases, as well as just being pretty to look at. I am late looking at your vase , as I am catching up after a couple of days away

  10. I like it! Delphiniums are so graceful no matter how they’re displayed. Wonderful to have some blooming at this time of year!

  11. That delphinium is a lovely thing to behold at the end of November. I hope all the things flowering out of season can reset properly for next year 🤞. Great props as per usual! I’ve never seen blue quartz before.

    • Cathy says:

      Yes, I hope so too. Blue quartz does occur naturally but sometimes quartz can be coloured artificially or through heat treatment, so it isn’t quite the same (although volcanic activity would be a natural heat treatment of course)

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