Not an End of Month View

The end of October must have passed in oblivion, as it was only a day or two ago that the absence of an EOMV post occurred to me so here, mainly for my own records, is what the garden was looking like today, more than a week into November. You won’t miss a lot if you decide not to bother reading any further than this!

The coloured blobs in the central section of the above photo, the view from the back of the house, are crab apple ‘Evereste’ to the left, and Dahlia ‘Art Deco’ and Busy Lizzies to the right centre. There are still some pink argyranthemum blooming in the group of pots in the bottom left. Below is the adjacent shrub border with the choisya of yesterday’s vase to the right of centre, whilst the second photo shows the border from the other direction, with the area around the apple tree very different now it has been opened up by severe pruning. I have been extending the low retaining wall a little, and there is a rose on order to fill the new gap in the border

Moving on to the woodland, the woodland floor is now a carpet of leaves under which are all the named snowdrops that were moved here earlier in the year, hopefully waiting to emerge at their allotted time… From the bothy at the end of the woodland you can look out over the main borders and would normally then see the borders at ground level from the back of the shed, but I  forgot to include this view and it is now too dark to take any more photos.

Walking through the woodland edge border we come to the grass border and the two ‘bold’ borders, the latter more than ready for a good tidy-up:

Moving on through the gate to the cutting beds, nearly at the end of their useful life for this season, and the bubble-wrapped working greenhouse:

There are now three sections of blue & white border, the third behind me when I took the photograph. Having been revamped and replanted these are satisfyingly tidy! Continuing on our walk, we pass through the rose garden still with an occasional bloom, under the clematis colonnade and through the main borders, now almost exclusively foliage:

Now heading back towards the house, we pass the obelisk border (previously snowdrop border) newly planted up, awaiting positioning of the new obelisk which arrived today, before looking up at the yellowing wisteria foliage. You can see the blooms of Dahlia ‘Art Deco’ better here:

It has been a breezy day here, so let’s shelter briefly  in the Coop, now partially protected by bubble wrap for the first time, and admire the nerines on the far left and streptocarpus in the right foreground. Winter dormant plants will live under the staging for the winter, allowing space for spring bulbs above. Beyond the Coop is the Coop Corner, currently with some striking hellebore and pulmonaria foliage, and awaiting a new rose to entwine with Clematis armandii and clamber along the far fence.

If you wanted a better idea of how the different areas fit together and where the photos are usually taken you can look at maps of the garden under The Garden tab above. No accompanying video this month!


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